THE ART OF WEDDINGS PORTLAND: A community focused wedding resource

We have partnered up and are dedicating ourselves to all things wedding and all things Portland! There are plenty of regional and national wedding websites out there … but this is Portland and it’s no secret that we like to keep things local. We can’t wait to connect our ever so talented local wedding professionals with all the excited engaged couples in this area. Portland is an amazing place to get married. This is going to be fun! Learn a bit more about us below and if we don’t already know each other, please reach out…we looking forward to meeting you! Email us at [email protected]

Cheers! Kim and Beth

Photo shoot credit: Sara May Photography         Location: Saint Cupcake

Kimberly Morrill

CO-Owner of The Art of Weddings Portland Blog  |  Local WEDDING PLANNER  |  Owner of Your Perfect Bridesmaid

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Portland wedding community for 10 years. As a wedding planner, I know how thirsty our local couples are for inspiration, planning information, and vendor referrals. For most couples, this is their first time planning a wedding and many find themselves completely lost or overwhelmed. As a wedding planner, I work hard to help my clients, but I have always wanted a way to reach those that I wasn’t working with as well.

As a small business owner, I spend a fair amount of my work day ensuring that couples can find me. After all, this is one industry where we hope to NOT see repeat business. The amount of time and money I (and others) spend on advertising is a bit crazy…especially when so many of our options cover areas outside of our actual work zone. For ten years, I have wished we had an affordable, local opportunity to get our work in front of couples we want to work with.

So, in creating The Art of Weddings Portland, I saw a great opportunity to “create the change I hope to see in the world”. Based on my experience, I knew that if we created a hyper local resource for couples and vendors, that it would fill a niche that wasn’t being attended to. I am super excited for this opportunity and I so hope you guys love what you see. This is just the beginning for The Art of Weddings, so stay tuned as we roll out some pretty cool stuff.

When I am not working (which is way too rare), I spend my time with my niece. She is an amazing and super involved girl, so I stay busy trying ot keep up. Apart from Kailie, I spend my free time on road-trips, enjoying wine country, or taking in a Mariner’s game. Life in the Northwest is pretty much the best!


Co-Owner of The Art of Weddings Portland BLog  |  Local Wedding PHotographer  |  owner of Beth Behler PHotography

When I grow up I want to own a locally focused Portland wedding resource! I never actually said that (or even thought it)…but now that it’s happening, it honestly couldn’t feel more right.

I began my love affair with Portland 11 years ago when I moved here with a journalism background and a natural draw to photography. A creative type and people person…it’s no surprise that I landed in the wedding and event industry.

In addition to photographing weddings, I have dabbled in several other facets of wedding production over the years. Floral design and wedding venue sales top that list and the opportunities I’ve had to work with local professionals in those areas has given me  invaluable insight into the overall picture. There are so many things that go into planning, pulling off, and enjoying the perfect wedding day!

I will now tell you why I love weddings! Why I bring everything I have to my wedding shoots and why I plan to do the same on a daily basis The Art of Weddings Portland. Most importantly, the people. Weddings bring people together. Everyone that is important to the wedding couple (from all the different phases of their lives) gather together in the same place to celebrate love & life. The emotion & moments that surface on that big day are awesome. It’s incredible to be a part of that!

Secondly? The pure creative indulgence. Let’s get lost in the details! Who doesn’t want to spend their day thinking about (and photographing) dresses and flowers, cakes and signature cocktails? I mean … this stuff is fun. Creative, delicious, gorgeous, and fun!

The Art of Weddings Portland seems like a natural way for me to combine my experience, talents, and interests towards a greater purpose … inspiring, guiding, and connecting others. All while celebrating love and promoting this city that I adore!  It’s safe to say that I am beyond excited.

As local wedding professionals, we are always looking for approachable and affordable avenues to meet potential clients and collaborate with other vendors. Breaking the bank to be listed on a regional or national blog that is trying to cater to multiple states and hundreds of cities is one strategy. However, it just doesn’t seem like the most streamlined or personable approach to making connections in your city. Not for local vendors or for engaged couples. That is why The Art of Weddings Portland just makes sense!

Kim and I share the same vision when it comes to this hyper local focused wedding resource. Our teaming up has been a blast and we can’t wait to see where this venture takes us. All of us. You included!

When I am not working, there’s a good chance I am traveling!  Although originally from Indiana, my family currently resides in the San Diego area (they have this thing called sunshine there) and I also have dear friends scattered all over the country. I do love my days off in Portland however! You can usually find me at a dog park with my black lab, strolling a farmer’s market, hiking a wooded trail, indulging on some fine food and cocktails, or day tripping to the gorge, mountain, coast or wine country. Love to do it all.

Thanks for checking us out!