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Portland Wedding Venue: Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Are you looking for a Portland wedding venue? If you have not strolled through the gardens and pathways and bridges that make up the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden…you need to make it happen. Like tomorrow. This place is breathtaking. It even overlooks a gorgeous golf course and is on the water. You will see all kinds of ducks, birds, trees and flowers along it’s hidden pathways.  It’s an ideal spot for both engagement photos and wedding celebrations. And it’s right in SE Portland! Close to everything. If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor setting, add this to your venue must-see list. You might just feel like you are walking through a fairy tale. The word magical definitely comes to mind. Rachael, the venue manager, was kind enough to tell us a little more…
AOW: Where are you located and what kind of venue are you in general?
We are located in SE Portland. We are at 5801 SE 28th Avenue. We are an outdoor, mature garden located within the city limits.
AOW: Can you briefly describe your property/space including all the indoor and outdoor options?
We are an outdoor garden with just under 10 acres of mature trees and shrubs. We are surrounded by water and a golf course.
AOW: What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for dinner and do you have one caterer or a preferred list of caterers to choose from?
We can accommodate 15-450 guests. We have a preferred catering list.
AOW: Do you offer lower rental rates for off season months and/or non-Saturday weddings and does your Portland wedding venue have a rain plan?
We do not offer any discounts. There is the option for couples to rent a tent.
AOW: How long has your Portland wedding venue been hosting weddings and events? And in your opinion, why is Portland (and surrounding areas) such an amazing place to plan a wedding?
We have been a Portland wedding venue for over 25 years. Portland, in the summer, has the best weather. Everything is lush and green at the garden. The evenings are mild.
AOW: What are a few things that make your Portland wedding venue unique and/or seem to attract wedding couples?
We have a gorgeous setting. Wedding couples don’t need to decorate. Our garden is located so close to downtown. It is accessible to all the hotels and what the city has to offer out of town guests. It’s the perfect venue.
AOW: How would you describe the importance of the venue decision for couples and at what point in their wedding planning process should they be looking and booking their venue?
It is the most important piece and should be the priority. Things will fall in place after the venue has been chosen. The venue has the relationships with the caterers, wedding planners, florists, etc…The venue has to fit the personality of the couple.
AOW: What is the best part about managing a Portland wedding venue?
How caught up you get with how happy everyone is. It is a fun, loving occasion and it is almost impossible not to feel moved by every event.
AOW: What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?
When the brides/grooms want to do all the planning and food on their own. It is important to hire professionals. It will make the wedding seamless and will maximize the overall enjoyment of the experience for the couple.
AOW: What are a few of the most important things that couples should ask their venue before booking?
How much time is the rental? How late can we go? What is the hard out time?
AOW: Is there anything else you want couples or other wedding professionals to know about you or your venue?
Our wedding season is June-September. Book early to get your preferred date.
AOW: What is the best way for couples to check out your venue online and/or set up a tour to visit you in person?
Go to our website, www.weddingsatcrystalsprings.com
Thank you for chatting with us Rachael. We love your garden venue!