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Vendor Shout-Out: Andrea Tomasi, Wedding Singer

Hiring a wedding singer to perform during your ceremony and/or cocktail reception will add an extra special emotional and intimate element to your already special moments.  A vocalist as gifted as Andrea Tomasi is a rare find and a musical choice you won’t regret. She has an absolutely beautiful voice and a graceful presence to match. Andrea is the voice of her business named Heart:Song and she can perform your favorite songs or write a song specifically for you and your honey. She takes what she does very seriously and is honored to be a part of your day. Her soulful approach to music will inspire and move you. We are excited to tell you more about her!

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Photo credit: Paul Reynolds Photography

Where are you originally from? And how long have you been in Portland?

I am originally from Vermont, and I have been in Portland for four years.

What is your favorite thing about Portland?

I love how green it is, and all of the different neighborhoods. I love that I forget that I am in a city, because of the laid-back pace and the natural beauty of the surroundings.

What is your favorite spot or thing to do in Portland?

My favorite place is Forest Park. It is a gift to live in a city and to have such close proximity to nature.

How long have you been working as a professional ceremony singer?

This is my second season working as a professional ceremony singer.

What people/training/experiences/opportunities led you to this career path?

I have been a singer and performer my whole life, with over 10 years of musical group, dance, and theater experience. I grew up on the stage, and performing has always felt very natural to me. Similar to the theater, there are many moving parts in a ceremony; entrances, exits, and different ritual components. My training has led to a cultivation of presence and has enabled me to pay close attention to cues and the flow of the ceremony, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Being a part of the ceremony is an environment I feel very comfortable in, and is a lot of fun for me. It is an honor to be able to share my voice in this way.

How would you describe the importance of your role and why do you feel a couple should hire a professional ceremony singer for their wedding day?

My role is to set a tone and feeling for the ceremony. Live singing is a profound way to pause, listen, and experience the love present. Music gives us access to our hearts, and in this way, brings us together. A couple should hire a ceremony singer to bring beauty, joy, and meaning to do their day.

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What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I get to share what I love, in support of two people celebrating their love and commitment to one another.

What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?

The most challenging part is making sure my accompanists will be available on the dates I get hired. When I sing a cappella it is just me, so I do not have to worry about coordinating other musicians.

Do you work solo or do you have a studio and/or team?

I work solo; however, I hire accompanists depending on what kind of songs the couple has chosen, and we rehearse the music together.

What do you attribute to your success as a ceremony singer? What do you think makes you stand apart from others in your field?

I find success as a ceremony singer from my love of singing, and I am fully committed to doing the work it takes to be able to share my service with the world. Along with learning songs couples choose, I am also a songwriter. I use my songwriting skills to offer a unique service of writing an original song for couples, weaving together the story of their love, while calling on the nature of love itself. This unusual offering sets me apart, as well as my voice, presence, genuine nature, and professionalism.

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Photo credit: Paul Reynolds Photography

At what point in the wedding planning process should clients hire you?

Clients can hire me at any point in their planning process.

Where do you draw inspiration? Are there any current trends you are excited about?

I draw inspiration from nature, singing, from listening to music, and seeing art that moves me.  

What is the most important thing that couples should ask someone in your profession before hiring them?

“Do you have song samples?.”

What is your best advice for wedding clients?

My advice is to take deep breaths, come into the present moment, and even amid all of the planning and logistics, enjoy it! It won’t be quite like this ever again!

Anything else you’d like couples to know about you?

My business is called Heart:Song, and along with singing during wedding ceremonies, I also sing at birth and life celebrations. In addition, I collaborate with yoga studios to combine yoga with singing and offer classes and private sessions exploring the voice as a powerful tool for self-realization and healing.

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