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Vendor Shout-Out: Divine Catering

When it comes to picking your Portland wedding caterer, there are many things to consider. After you have set a realistic budget for this part of your big day it’s time to find a caterer that provides not only amazing quality food, but also stellar customer service and attention to detail. Plus, you’ll want them to be friendly, focused, reliable, and ready to work together seamlessly with your other wedding day vendors. Does that exist? Yes, it does! There are several top notch caterers in the Portland area that fit this bill and Divine Catering is definitely one of them. Read on to learn more about this woman owned local business!

Where are you originally from? And how long have you been in Portland?

Montana; moved to Oregon in 2004.

What is your favorite thing about Portland?

The beauty, green grass, an hour drive to the beach, snow or any gorgeous river.

What is your favorite spot or thing to do in Portland?

Chasing water is my hobby, cliff jumping and swimming. One of my favorite places (before it was taken over by the forest service) is a place called Three Pools.

How long have you been working as a professional wedding caterer?

Twelve years, 10 of which owning my own business.

What people/training/experiences/opportunities led you to this career path?

My passion for food and connections and love.

portland wedding caterer

Photo provided by Divine Catering

How would you describe the importance of your role & why do you feel a couple should hire a professional caterer for their wedding day?

My role as the owner plays a big part. On the actual day of, I’m ensuring that all areas, especially the food, are executed promptly, and delivered at peak freshness. Being able to kick back and enjoy your big day with your friends and family and leave the work to someone else is such a blessing. That’s what we are here for: to take care of the food on your big day from start to finish.

What is the best part of your job?

Seeing the happiness my food can bring to people makes every day so worth it to me.

What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?

Thankfully, our greatest challenge, not a difficult one, is growing quickly with all the word-of-mouth business and repeat clients. Our team keeps expanding, which means constant training, but like I say, these are GOOD things!

Do you work solo or do you have a studio and/or team?

I have a wonderful, small team of anywhere from six to 15 throughout the year

What do you attribute to your success as a wedding caterer? What do you think makes you stand apart from others in your field?

Our food speaks for itself. It’s all made with love, from scratch, no corners cut ever and super affordable and beautifully presented!

portland wedding caterer

Photo provided by Divine Catering

At what point in the wedding planning process should clients hire you?

Of course we always love the instant connection, however, we always encourage people to see what’s out there. We want to ensure you feel comfortable with your decision to have Divine cater your wedding.

Where do you draw inspiration? Are there any current trends you are excited about?

My inspiration comes from my mother. I’m all about comfort food and keeping up with current trends but incorporating into my style of comfort food.

What is the most important thing that couples should ask someone in your profession before hiring them?

What is included and what is NOT included. People assume and expect things that will and will not be a part of it, so it’s best to consider all the options.

What is your best advice for wedding clients?

Ask questions!

Anything else you’d like couples to know about you?

This business is my life. I love what I do and I love to make people’s day extra special with the food I prepare. I think that’s extremely important.


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