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Vendor Shout Out: Postlewait’s

Dreaming of a rustic wedding venue with orchards, oak trees, and a beautiful barn? Have we got the place for you! In this vendor shout out, we are pleased to introduce you to Postlewait’s. Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, this venue’s landscape will not disappoint!

1. Where are you located and what kind of venue are you in general?

We are located in Canby, Oregon, centered between Portland and Salem near historic Aurora. Postlewait’s is situated on a working farm and vineyard. 

2. Can you briefly describe your property/space including all the indoor and outdoor options? 

Postlewait’s is situated on a working farm and offers rustic country warmth amidst beautiful park-like grounds. Majestic trees, lush lawns, water features, and a rippling creek are surrounded by authentic rural sights. The venue is hazelnut orchards, a herd of red and white-faced Hereford beef cattle and the wine grapes of Postlewait’s Vineyards. Indoor and outdoor options available including a barn that has two different 20 foot wide by 14 foot tall, roll-up glass doors that can be opened on warm summer days to let in the breeze or kept closed during chilly Fall, Spring and Winter to keep in the warmth but maintain the amazing views! 

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3. What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for dinner and do you one caterer or a preferred list of caterers to choose from? 

Our barns capacity is 199 people, if you want lots of room for dancing and a buffet, seating for 150-170 is best (if you use the barn only). In the summer months, our grounds can accommodate up to 300. From fall through spring we limit the number of guests to under 150 due to parking and space issues. 

4. Do you offer lower rental rates for off-season months and/or non-Saturday weddings and does your venue have a rain plan? 

Yes, we offer seasonal discounts and we have a barn that is great for the potential rain! 

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5. How long has your venue been hosting weddings and events? And in your opinion, why is Portland (and surrounding areas) such an amazing place to plan a wedding?

 We have been hosting weddings for nearly 20 years (19 from our first weddings but 15 from when things really took off). Portland and surrounding areas are a great place to get married because of the diversity. Every venue is different and this allows couples to really find what fits their personalities. From barns, gardens, ballrooms, vineyards, historic sites, to industrial buildings. There is so much to choose from!

6. What are a few things that make your venue unique and seem to attract wedding couples?

 I feel like we have so much of it all. We have a barn with large commercial glass doors that open up to park. We are a farm and vineyard with amazing views. Also, we are a family ran business. Most everything done is done by the family.

7. How would you describe the importance of the venue decision for couples and at what point in their wedding planning process should they be looking and booking their venue?

Book a venue first thing (or close to). The venue can be the foundation for what style/feel/theme a couple is wanting. 

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8. What is the best part about managing a wedding venue? 

Seeing the excitement and love of each couple. Also, I love that I can work alongside family every day! 

9. What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?

 Never having time off. With the digital world, all responses need to be so fast and accurate which makes free time virtually never. Don’t get me wrong I would not change it for the world, but a free day with no emails, phone calls, and normal business hours would be nice;). 

10. What are a few of the most important things that couples should ask their venue before booking? 

The normal stuff: What is included, back up plans, any mandatory vendors, do you have the appropriate permits/ licensing, max capacities, what decorations aren’t allowed, cancelation policies, county ordinances, etc? 

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11. What is your best advice for wedding clients during their venue search or in general? 

Have fun and Relax! 

12. What is the best way for couples to check out your venue online and/or set up a tour to visit you in person? 

Email is always good initially because initial information can be given like pdfs of dates and informational packets and then setting up a tour to make sure it is the right fit and more explanations of everything! So both!

Thanks so much for telling us about your venue! In case you haven’t yet heard, Postlewait’s will be one of the visits during the March 2020 edition of the Portland Venue Crawl! Get information on this amazing event here!