Featured Vendor Shout-Outs

Vendor Shout Out: The Exchange Ballroom

Looking for an urban event space with stunning rooftop city views? The Exchange Ballroom and Cascade Rooftop is located on the east bank of the Willamette River within the historic Eastside Exchange Building. Their Ballroom boasts dramatic views of the downtown Portland skyline. This is one of our favorite spots! Read on to learn more.

1. Where are you located and what kind of venue are you in general?

Ballroom & Rooftop in Inner NE Portland

2. Can you briefly describe your property/space including all the indoor and outdoor options?

Industrial style ballroom with lots of natural light and a rooftop terrace with sweeping views of downtown Portland 

Photography by Sweetlife Photography

3. What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for dinner and do you one caterer or a preferred list of caterers to choose from?

225 for ceremony & reception; 250 for just reception.  The space is owned by Vibrant Table Catering so upon booking the space you in turn book with them for your catering services.

4. Do you offer lower rental rates for off season months and/or non-Saturday weddings and does your venue have a rain plan?

It varies but yes – we typically do lower rates depending on day and time of the year.  If it happens to rain we can do both ceremony & reception in our ballroom/foyer area.

Photography by Sweetlife Photography

5. How long has your venue been hosting weddings and events? And in your opinion, why is Portland (and surrounding areas) such an amazing place to plan a wedding?

June 2014.  Portland is a great city to plan a wedding because it has lots of versatile options within the metro area and surrounding suburban areas.  It has every option in terms of a venue space you could think of – outdoors to urban to industrial to vineyards etc. The list goes on.

6. What are a few things that make your venue unique and/or seem to attract wedding couples?

Our rooftop space is obviously the #1 attraction.  We also have a rollup garage door that goes directly from our ballroom to the street so having a late-night food truck (or even a dessert truck) is always a fun feature to offer to guests.  Plus the location of our space is very convenient for people staying downtown at hotels or on the Eastside of the river.

Photography by Kati Nicole Photography

7. How would you describe the importance of the venue decision for couples and at what point in their wedding planning process should they be looking and booking their venue?

I think the venue is the first and most important part of wedding planning because that is where all the other details will fall into place – from catering, hotels, lighting, décor, linen colors, floral etc.  All these things are seemingly decided on the location, look and feel of the space you choose for your wedding.

8. What is the best part about managing a wedding venue?

Meeting all sorts of different couples and seeing how the space comes to life on their big day!

Photography by Shelley Marie Photography

9. What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?

Often couples are mostly communicating via email/calling in their off hours (after work Monday through Friday or on Sundays) so finding that balance between your work schedule and the most effective communication times for them.

10. What are a few of the most important things that couples should ask their venue before booking?

Figure out your non-negotiables for a space and stick to them.  How does the planning process work for the space, do other events take place at the space or on the grounds on the same day? deposits required, rehearsal policy, cancellation policy and insurance requirements.

11. What is your best advice for wedding clients during their venue search or in general?

To always ask the same questions that are important to you at each space and find out what differs between various spaces.  Find out what is included with the rental of the space (equipment, setup/breakdown etc.) for every space differs and sometimes it really can make a difference in terms of cost savings!

12. Is there anything else you want couples or other wedding professionals to know about you or your venue?

If you haven’t checked out our space – come see us!

13. What is the best way for couples to check out your venue online and/or set up a tour to visit you in person?

Email us or call for a tour. You can find all our information on our website!

Featured image by Donny Mays Photography.