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Vendor Shout-Out: Youngberg Hill

If you are considering an Oregon vineyard wedding, you will want to personally visit Youngberg Hill. Family owned and operated, this stunning location comes with genuine and personal attention to detail. Both their indoor and outdoor options are designed to take your breath away with sweeping views of vineyards and mountains. Read on to learn more about this incredible venue.

oregon vineyard wedding

Where are you located and what kind of venue are you in general? (Ballroom, golf course, winery, garden, farm, industrial space, waterfront, etc) ?

We are a vineyard and farm.

Can you briefly describe your property/space including all the indoor and outdoor options?

We are an indoor/outdoor venue set atop of an 800-foot hill overlooking Oregon Wine Country, Willamette Valley, Mt. Hood & Jefferson as well as the Coast Range.

What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for dinner and do you one caterer or a preferred list of caterers to choose from?

Our space is very flexible, and we can accommodate small elopements to 300 guests. Our preferred Caterer is Willabys but we do have an open policy where any licensed caterer can cater at Youngberg Hill.

Do you offer lower rental rates for off-season months and/or non-Saturday weddings and does your venue have a rain plan?

We have off season rates and lower rates during the weekdays and non-Saturday weddings. Our rain plan is our indoor event building.

How long has your venue been hosting weddings and events? And in your opinion, why is Portland (and surrounding areas) such an amazing place to plan a wedding?

We have had the pleasure of hosting weddings for 12 years. Oregon Wine Country is a jewel that offers weddings a background for their wedding that will last a lifetime.

What are a few things that make your venue unique and/or seem to attract wedding couples?  

Youngberg Hill is exclusive and includes everything you would need for a wonderful day. We are not a producing facility for weddings, so we DON’T have multiple events going on during your wedding or having another one in the afternoon and yours in the evening. We offer a personal event for each of our weddings with personal service and views that will take your breath away. Our indoor/outdoor option is perfect to enjoy all the beauty that we overlook.

Oregon vineyard wedding

How would you describe the importance of the venue decision for couples and at what point in their wedding planning process should they be looking and booking their venue?

Venue selection is the first thing you should do after getting engaged. Without the date and location, the other vendors have nothing to base their availability, pricing and knowledge of what they would need to do the event. Also, venues fill up fast so to have the wedding of your dreams you start with the place first.

What is the best part of managing a wedding venue?

We love weddings. Seeing the happy family and being part of their memories is an honor. We love heaving bride & grooms come back to visit over the years to hear how their lives grow is a joy for all of us.

What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general? 

Our location is inclusive with everything weddings need for a great day. I find it challenging when we are compared to other locations who add on costs for every small option throughout the process.

What are a few of the most important things that couples should ask their venue before booking? 

‘What are the options that are not listed that I may need for the wedding?’

What is your best advice for wedding clients during their venue search or in general?  

Pick a warm and welcoming location that communicates well throughout the process. If a location (or vendor) doesn’t communicate well before you’re contracted, then it is a sure sign that leading up to the wedding you will be frustrated to not get the answers you’re looking for. Pick a location that has done weddings for years and offers a complete package. New locations may be enticing but having the knowledge base of doing weddings of your size and requirements over the years is a big advantage as they are set up to provide and service you need.

oregon vineyard wedding

Photo Credit: Stark Photography

Is there anything else you want couples or other wedding professionals to know about you or your venue?

We are not a corporation, we are a family vineyard that offers an exclusive experience. Our family will take care of your family. Our wedding package is inclusive of all the necessary items for a great day. We work with all vendors and do not exclude anyone from using the companies they want to. We also offer a vendor list as an option to select from but you can absolutely use your own.

What is the best way for couples to check out your venue online and/or set up a tour to visit you in person?

Emailing us at Youngberg Hill and setting up a tour is the best way to check out the venue and get all your questions answered.

All images for this blog post provided by Youngberg Hill.