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Venue Shout Out: Rossi Farms

We are thrilled to introduce you to our friends at Rossi Farms! Such a beautiful barn and property with unique elements and extraordinary staff. Add it to your list of venues to check out and take a read to learn more!

Where are you located and what kind of venue are you in general?
Rossi Farms is an active and historic farm venue in Portland, OR. Conveniently located less than 10 minutes from the Portland International Airport, Rossi Farms brings you a picturesque countryside experience within city limits. Since 1880, Rossi Farms has been home to five generations of continued family farming.

Can you briefly describe your property/space including all the indoor and outdoor options?
Views of Mt. Hood, rustic elegance, and flexible indoor and outdoor event spaces lend themselves to a truly unique wedding experience. Indoor space includes the original red barn. Bridal suite and groom’s quarters are vintage homestead houses.

What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for dinner and do you one caterer or a preferred list of caterers to choose from?
The barn comfortably fits 150 guests for a seated dinner with plenty of room for dancing without moving furniture. Tables and chairs can accommodate 300 guests outdoors (maximum wedding capacity). All caterers are welcome.

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Photo credit: Beth Behler Photography

Do you offer lower rental rates for off season months and/or non-Saturday weddings and does your venue have a rain plan?
Peak wedding season is during the months of May through September with discounted rates available Sunday through Thursday. Only one wedding is booked per day so outdoor weddings can move indoors in the event of inclement weather. There is one large white 30×30 canopy outside and space available for more to be added if guests wish to remain outdoors.

How long has your venue been hosting weddings and events? And in your opinion, why is Portland (and surrounding areas) such an amazing place to plan a wedding?
Rossi Farms has long been home to Barn Bash, Portland Monthly’s COWABUNGA & Country Brunch, the Taste of Parkrose and other large-scale events. Rossi Farms has always enjoyed hosting weddings for close friends and family but now enjoys sharing the special space with couples in the larger Portland community. Rossi Farms believes every experience of stepping onto a farm contributes to a larger awareness of agriculture and creates meaningful memories. Let’s face it – some people have literally never met a chicken.

Portland is such an amazing place to plan a wedding because it has something for everyone and no two weddings are identical! Whether you want a lavish large wedding in a deluxe hotel, an intimate backyard gathering, or an elegant farm experience – sky is the limit and there is a home for your vision in the Pacific Northwest.

Julie Harmsen Photography

Photo credit: Julie Harmsen Photography

What are a few things that make your venue unique and/or seem to attract wedding couples?
The biggest draw is the country vibe without the drive – couples truly forget they’re in Portland city limits. Other highlights include: the flexibility of indoor & outdoor spaces, freedom to use outside vendors, central location, proximity to the airport and hotels, and on-site parking. Joe Rossi once dreamed of being an architect and as a creative outlet built an entire western town façade on the property – it’s regularly used for photos and an outdoor ceremony backdrop.
And don’t forget the goats!

How would you describe the importance of the venue decision for couples and at what point in their wedding planning process should they be looking and booking their venue?
The venue is where the stage is set – it should inspire you! Once you have a basic framework (guest count, time of year, general feel) couples should seek out multiple venues. Remember to keep it fun and make a date out of it! Never tour a venue when you’re tired or hangry.

What is the best part about managing a wedding venue?
Meeting with couples that are enthusiastic and in love is intoxicating. And having been around for 138 years, there is a strong appreciation for family history at Rossi Farms. It’s truly an honor to be a part of so many wedding stories that will be passed down for generations.

What do you find most challenging about your specific line of work or weddings in general?
Honestly, giving tours for summer weddings in the winter! The outdoor spaces of the property transform when the grape vines bloom and the sun is shining. Since it can be hard for some couples to visualize, an iPad with previous wedding photos is a must-have!

Beth Behler Photography

Photo credit: Beth Behler Photography

What are a few of the most important things that couples should ask their venue before booking?
Clarify what the expectation is for day of coordination and have the venue walk through what a typical wedding looks like. Confirm what items the venue is supplying that you will be relying on (E.g. tables, chairs, cold storage). Review ‘house rules’ for decorations, alcohol and insurance requirements, and a few “worst case” scenarios like rain or hot summer days.

What is your best advice for wedding clients during their venue search or in general?
Touring a venue should feel like a first date – how does the staff and space make you feel? Is there a little bit of magic? Are you excited to brag about it to friends and family? Then it sounds like a match!

Is there anything else you want couples or other wedding professionals to know about you or your venue?
All wedding rentals help sustain farm education and free neighborhood events. Picture your special day at Rossi Farms and become part of the family and Parkrose history at Portland’s oldest historic farm venue!

What is the best way for couples to check out your venue online and/or set up a tour to visit you in person?
Pictures, details, and rates can be found at rossifarms.com. Tours are a great way to experience the property firsthand! Please fill out the Contact Form to schedule a visit!

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