Wedding Rentals: ‘Vintage Meets Modern’ Takes Pre-Styled Looks Next Level

If your upcoming wedding is in a space that doesn’t come with its own seating and décor, or if it does but you wish to elevate it, you’ll need to look into some wedding rentals. Vintage Meets Modern is a local boutique events rental business that provides stylish furniture and décor as wells as staging and styling services for weddings and events. We chatted with their owner Sherine Iskandar, and stylist Sara Bergqvist about how they teamed up to create wedding lounge-worthy looks you can now rent with a push of a button!


The idea came to Sherine to create pre-styled lounges that went a step above the norm. She wanted to provide her clients with the ability to just rent a complete styled look with the click of a button.

Sherine said, “My clients were renting our pre-styled lounges which at the time only included furniture and pillows, and when I would pay them a visit during set-up, I realized that things just looked bare. Either they didn’t rent decor to accent the lounge or they didn’t know what to do to bring it to life. So I decided what this industry needed were lounge groupings that were styled down to the last detail.” 

Sara added,”We chose designs that we believe to be on trend and even pushing the envelope for event design. We think you’ll see that they really are very well thought out and inspiring.”

Below are descriptions of 3 of the many looks available on their website. Visit Vintage Meets Modern’s Rent This Look section to see all the looks!

RENT THIS LOOK – Monochrome Dark

Sara: I’ve been in love with the monochrome trend for a while. I find it so pleasing to the eye, and having a calming and luxurious effect in a space.

Sherine: For the dark modern monochrome style, we found that the stunning venue Plaza del Toro was a perfect match: Mixing their dark wood, concrete and industrial large windows, with our cozy gray, dark wood furniture and black/gray decor elements and warm pillows and blankets.


RENT THIS LOOK – Black & White

Sherine: This style almost doesn’t need a description: Black & White will always be on trend, works in essentially every space, and will bring contemporary style to your event.

Sara: We decided to do this look in an industrial style, making it fresh, while also embracing the mid-century modern look, as well as using minimalistic decor items. You can’t go wrong with this look!


RENT THIS LOOK – Velvet Luxe

Sherine: This styling is inspired by spaces that are inviting and warm, but luxurious. This scene was perfected by Plaza del Toro’s textured, posh wallpaper, very similar to what you can find in a luxe boutique hotel. Gold and marble complemented this look with a final touch of elegance.

Sara: We took our styling cue from the new velvet trend, where texture is key, and decided to pick items in the blue and gray color schemes, which lend themselves to this rich and tasteful look.

Check out Vintage Meets Modern online and on Instagram for more inspiration for your wedding day! 

All images used in this post by Abby Rose Peugh, formerly Wander & Rose Photography.

This feature was curated by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and writer.