Join Our Vendor Community & Promote Your Business Locally

How do I become a member of your vendor community?

The Art of Weddings Portland is different than other directories out there. We are much more than a listing and we truly believe that the value (for both engaged couples and our vendors) lies in quality over quantity.

Therefore, all of our members have been personally vetted and purposefully invited to join our community and each category is limited to a small number of vendors. There will be a wait list created for each category once it is capped. All are welcome to inquire and apply for membership, but only select professionals will be invited to join the community. 


We have a niched down strategy targeting couples who are getting married in Portland and its surrounding areas, who have a realistic budget, and who recognize the value of hiring top tier professionals.


The Art of Weddings Portland Vendor Members:

  • Are experienced in their field.
  • Are extremely talented at what they do.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Conduct their business with integrity – always!
  • Are reliable and trustworthy. Both to their clients and vendor partners.
  • Are supportive and respectful of their fellow vendors. They play well with others!
  • Actively participate in our AOW community
  • Value inclusivity and share our belief in marriage equality

There are many benefits to an Art of Weddings Portland membership. In addition to a listing in our curated vendor guide, our members receive numerous benefits that include countless opportunities to grow their businesses in our local community, to connect with local engaged couples, and build personal relationships with the other vendor members.


  • Stand out to local engaged couples:
    • Vendor Listing in our curated vendor guide (limited spots)
    • Monthly Engaged Couple Newsletter Spotlight opportunities
    • Vendor Guide Category Spotlight opportunities
    • Social media love (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)
    • Real Wedding submissions
    • Expert Post submissions
    • Features and Tags in blog content


  • Build vendor relationships and get local referrals:
    • Monthly Vendor Happy Hour invites
    • Private AOW Vendor Facebook Page invite
    • Participation in Vendor Panel
    • Participation in AOW Styled Shoots (build content)
    • Monthly Vendor Newsletter (stay informed on what we are doing)


  • Personally interact with local engaged couples:
    • Participation in Engaged Couples Date Series
    • Participation in Engaged Couples Workshop
    • Participation in Engaged Couples Venue Crawl


  • Grow your local business:
    • Monthly Vendor Masterclasses
    • Quarterly Lifestyle Headshot opportunities
    • Expert Educational Video Clip opportunities
    • Access to Shared Local Business Resources
    • New/stronger vendor relationships and referrals

What is a Masterclass? We provide on-going educational opportunities for our members. Free classes taught by local experts on any number of topics that are essential for growing your business. Examples of some recent topics include: Website Review, Identifying Your Target Market, Instagram Best Practices, and Contracts & Client Agreements.

What is a Vendor Panel? This event is a panel-led discussion for AOW vendors. The purpose it to learn more about each other’s roles on a given wedding day and have an open dialogue about what we could be doing differently to better help and support one another.

What are The Vendor Happy Hours? These are super casual, no agenda, opportunities to relax and connect with other AOW professionals. A great way to build relationships that turn into collaborations, referrals, and friends.

What are The Couples Date Night Series, Workshop, and Venue Crawl? These are 3 different new and unique events that we have designed for local engaged couples who are looking for a casual and fun way to get some wedding planning advice while connecting with AOW vendors in interactive and intimate settings. We will be rolling them out in January of 2019! Unlike traditional bridal shows, there will be no cost for our AOW members to be involved in these events and put themselves face to face with local couples! Email us for more detailed information about them.

If you feel that you would be a good fit for The Art of Weddings Portland vendor community, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting.

If you are newer to the industry and looking to gain experience and build relationships, please contact us and ask about our Mentor Program.