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5 Tips for Planning a Portland Wedding From a Distance

Whether you live in another state or country, long-distance wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re planning a wedding in the Portland area, but don’t actually live in Portland, not to worry! We’ve got 5 helpful tips for how to plan a Portland wedding from a distance! 


Hire A Coordinator This almost goes without saying, but hiring a local wedding coordinator will help you so much! They can recommend vendors, make phone calls, delegate their staff to take care of smaller details, and just make your life so much easier. Make sure to contact them regularly enough – you might want to set up a monthly or bimonthly time to talk on the phone or video chat. Keep the time difference in mind! Check out our wedding coordination members here! And make sure your venue coordinator is in the loop on relevant things with you two as well. 


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Delegate a Local Friend Chances are you’re choosing to get married in Portland because you have a large number of family or friends here. Utilize them! Choose a few trusted, reliable people in your circle who can help you complete certain wedding tasks in town. 


Make a List of Tasks to Complete in Both Locations Organization is your friend! Make a list of tasks you can complete from afar, and some that you’ll have to complete here. Try to do as much from where you currently live as possible, such as choosing the dress, accessories, bridal party attire, invitations, and possibly favors. Things that will have to be booked in Portland besides your venue include the florist, food and drink, hair and makeup, and music. Decide what you can plan/book remotely, and what you’ll need to do in person. 


Plan Your Budget You’ll probably have to make some trips to Portland to take care of some key tasks, such as the site visit and menu & cake tasting. Therefore, make sure you include travel in your overall wedding budget. Try and book all your appointments during one trip if it’s possible – that will save you time and money! 


Relax! One of the benefits of planning a wedding from a distance is that you don’t have the time or luxury to be super picky about things – you’ll need to make decisions quickly with little room for overanalyzing and second-guessing. This can actually reduce your stress! So go with the flow, know that you did your best, and enjoy your wedding day when it comes!


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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.