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5 ways to up level your wedding day

Have some extra money in the budget? Awesome! Here are 5 ways to uplevel your wedding day with that extra money.


Upgrade your linens

When it comes to design linens can be a game changer. I have seen an event go from beautiful to “Oh my gosh, WOW” with upgraded linens. There are so many great linen companies out there that make it so easy and convenient to get the look you want for your wedding day. Whether you want to add beautiful patterns to your specialty tables or bring a more elegant feel to your guest tables that can be easily done with the right linen choices. So if you have a little cushion in the budget and you are looking for a quick way to elevate the design on your wedding day linens may be the way to go.

Late night snacks

No one is EVER mad at a late night taco truck showing up after a few of those specialty cocktails. I adore how creative late night snacks have become and they are always a big hit! Talk to your caterer about adding on some late night popcorn or maybe some chicken wings. You could also reach out to one of your favorite food trucks and see if this is a service they offer. Feeding your guests after a night of drinking is always appreciated!

get the Photobooth

A photo booth is considered a luxury item. I think it is a REALLY great way to keep the party going. Your guests will love getting dressed up and snapping photos that they can keep forever. Photobooth pictures also double as such a great guest book idea too. There are so many awesome photobooth companies here in Portland. From the open air booth to the VW photo bus, the options seem endless!

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Add some live music to your day

Is a DJ important to you for the reception but you are hoping to uplevel the ceremony and cocktail hour a bit? Live music is a great way to do this! Get a string quartet or maybe a pianist to play your favorite song when you are announced married! I really think live music adds such a personal touch on your wedding day and in my opinion, the right musician is worth every penny!

Dessert buffets add a wow factor

Is it just me or do you start wondering about the dessert when you get to a wedding too? There is something about seeing that beautiful wedding cake sitting on the table just calling to be cut. BUT you know what gets me even more excited?? Seeing brownies, cookies, pies, AND a gorgeous wedding cake! I always find that people love options when it comes to weddings. It is not expected but it is a glorious surprise when you get to choose what you want for dessert at a wedding. Dessert displays also double as THE best wedding favor. Add some cute little bags to the dessert table and be amazed at how quickly it gets enjoyed.

Since becoming a wedding planner the importance of staying within the budget has become one of my main focuses for my clients. My goal is to come in under budget so in the final months of planning we can start adding even more exciting things to their day to make it more personal. What ways have you spent that extra money left over in your wedding budget? We want to know!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Kayla McCaul, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. She owns CK Events and Locally Sourced NW