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A delicious match

Living in Portland, the PNW in general, is such a joy as we’re inundated with incredible cuisines and innovative eats everywhere we turn. As an individual, this allows us to keep exploring and searching for foods that fit our moods, celebrations and just plain hit the spot. The task is slightly elevated when it comes to your wedding day. At least that’s the mainstream mentality.

No holds barred

If you’re having a backyard wedding and want to bring in a bbq buffet- that’s exactly what you should do! If you’re having a ballroom wedding and dream of a 5 course plated service with a traditional Italian menu- that’s exactly what you should do! Your options truly are endless. You have to know what you want, as unlike choosing between restaurants on any given Thursday night- you have to consider the guests and family you’ll be sharing this meal with. Consider reaching out to a couple of our local culinary innovators The Hive Catering Co and Vibrant Table.

Be creative

We always recommend following your instinct. Even when you can’t decide on just one type of cuisine- that may allow you a bit more room to collaborate with local vendors and keep it interesting for yourself and your guests. The first step in your catering journey is finding an expert to help guide your options. Considering that every couple has a budget to adhere to, no matter how limited or expansive; it is a huge help when open communication fosters a great working relationship with your potential catering specialists. They can help you achieve your dreams within the scope of your realities. A few more of our incredible local caterers are White Pepper, Food in Bloom and Valley Commissary.

Always consult your tastebuds in this part of the wedding planning journey. Ideas, budgets, expectations aside- while as the Newlyweds, your attention will be everywhere else that day, the perfect bite will hit the spot more than any other time before.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.