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A Holiday Wedding: Pros & Cons

Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend are right around the corner. We all know there will be lots of weddings those weekends and this brings up an interesting scheduling topic. Is it a good idea to plan your wedding on a holiday or over a holiday weekend? We will break it down for you below so you can make the choice that works best for you and your guests.



  1. MORE TRAVEL DAYS. By far the biggest reason couples decide to plan their wedding on or near a holiday is because their guests will have more days off of work for travel and enjoying the festivities.
  2. THEME IDEAS. Some people revel in the thought of using a specific holiday to theme their wedding. Halloween, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve are full of possibilities!
  3. DECOR IN PLACE. If you are getting married in a church, they will likely already be decked out with beautiful flowers and other seasonal decor near Easter and Christmas.
  4. AVAILABILITY. The three day weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day, will book quickly. But most couples try to stay clear of the other major holidays when planning their weddings, so it’s possible that your dream venue or vendor might just be available. However, they may have higher holiday rates.
  5. ANNIVERSARY DATE. Some people think it will be easy to remember and also extra special to share their anniversary date each year with a holiday.
  6. LOWER GUEST COUNT. If your guest count is stressing you out and you’d love to see it decrease, planning a holiday wedding might just do the trick. Many guests will have other obligations.

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  1. GUESTS HAVE OTHER PLANS. This is the most important thing to consider! If you are thinking about a long weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend, just know that many guests may have vacations, reunions, or family traditions already planned for those weekends. They may feel as though you are “stealing” their holiday from them and they could likely resent having to choose and miss something. Religious holidays will be especially tricky for those that have obligations or traditions in that regard.
  2. HIGHER COSTS. The cost of everything will be higher on or near a holiday. Travel fees for your guests will skyrocket as far as plane fares and hotel accommodations. Your venue or vendors may have higher holiday rates as well.
  3. TRAFFIC AND CROWDS. Just simple things like traffic to and from your event or parking spot availability will be an added frustration due to holidays. You will want to check for local events near your wedding as well. Things like parades or firework displays could greatly hinder your guests access to your ceremony and reception locations.
  4. FINANCIAL STRAIN. Holidays are usually stressful for people financially in general. Adding the cost of traveling to your wedding right after they spent a large chunk of money on Christmas gifts, for example, could add to their stress or cause them to decline attending.
  5. SHARING YOUR ANNIVERSARY. Most couples want their wedding anniversary to be something unique they can celebrate together each year. If your anniversary is also on or near a holiday…you may find yourself sharing that celebration with other events, obligations, and family members each year.
  6. AVAILABILITY. The three day weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day, will fill up quickly. If you are set on doing your wedding on one of those weekends, you favorite venues or vendors may not be available.


A non-holiday wedding is usually easier to coordinate in general. However, depending on the couple, a holiday wedding could be perfectly suited for their theme or vision. We hope this list of pros and cons helps you think it through when figuring out what will be best for you and your guests! And hiring a wedding planner is ALWAYS a good idea! They will have lots of experience to weigh in on this topic with! Check out our local favorites:  https://artofweddingspdx.com/vendor-guide/categories/wedding-planners.

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