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Wedding fashion for men

Every wedding has two leads: the Bride and the Groom, the Bride and the Bride or the Groom and the Groom. We all know that brides tend to be the focus of many services and special experience elements during the planning, not to mention the wedding day itself. While we all love to dote and celebrate the bride, her dress and other selections- Portland’s grooms are very lucky to have all of our favorite garment shops to choose where they will find world class service and selection options to look better than their best and sweep their love off his/her feet all over again.

As local wedding planner, Your Perfect Bridesmaid, notes, “There are a lot of stylish men in Portland and they should have the same fashion experience and options that women do leading up to their big day. Clothes are an expression of oneself and they deserve to feel their best!”.

Three Piece Suit

For the gents that love every element of the three piece suit- the right shop makes all the difference. Coming in with a few specific wants is key. Do you want a traditional look? Are you interested in something more vintage? What detailing speaks to you? Unlike the leading lady, most of you lads do not spend time in the dressing room for the shear thrill of playing with outfit combinations. With that said, for this occasion, allow yourselves a little extra freedom. Go play until you find that perfect match. Our lovely friends at Duchess Clothier have a way of bringing a newfound love of shopping to every grooms life. Their exceptional care for designing the groom’s unique wedding day look is one of the reasons their one of our favorite local go-to’s.


Think Bogart, Grant, Gable, DiCaprio or Pitt. We love a dashing man in a tux! Between the smooth smoking jacket style, classic bow tie, and a pressed shirt with distinct cuff links, your Bride or Groom will have to try hard not to swoon. While this is a very elegant Oscar-like choice and to some might seem limited in options, that is not necessarily the case. This choice is all about the details. A custom tuxedo awaits any groom that visits Indochino and hand-selects and crafts their winning look.

If you’re still wondering what types of menswear options do I have, see the list below:

  1. Single Breasted suit- British Style “V Neck” suit 2-button
  2. Double Breasted suit- Italian Style Overlap 4 to 6-button
  3. Dinner suit- Slim fit with a Tie
  4. Luxury fabric Wedding Suits
  5. Ascot suit
  6. Linen Suit

Accessories should be considered just as important as the selection of the dress shirt, for instance. Add a little something extra with:

  1. Dress shoes
  2. Fun socks
  3. Cufflinks
  4. Tie/Bowtie/Ascot
  5. Pocket square
  6. Tie pin

Prefer to rent?

You can still have an elevated, professional, and on trend experience right here in Portland at The Black Tux. Check out their Portland showroom on 23rd Ave in the Alphabet District to view their full suit and tuxedo collection, get a personal fit consultation, and experience your different look and accessory options firsthand before you rent!

Bringing it all together

Whether you want custom made or off the rack, slim fit or traditional, working with an expert makes wedding garment shopping an experience, as it should be for our more than deserving leading men. Another shop in Portland that makes our top choice list for must-visit when considering your choices is Collier Clothier. For European trends, curated looks selected by knowledgeable associates and quality garments- look no further.

We hope that every groom feels more empowered to enjoy their part of the limelight. Your Bride or Groom fell in love with your personality and wants to spend the rest of their life in your company. The perfect suit will make you smile even brighter on a day you couldn’t imagine being any happier! Take our advice, take some “me” time to find the perfect look for the day you marry the love of your life.

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

All images used in this post courtesy of The Black Tux.

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