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All the ways to Cheers

If planning your wedding at a venue that allows outside vendors for cocktails and beer/wine- we’ve got some fabulous ideas for you! These days, there are so many options for both weddings planning to serve or not serve alcohol to their guests.

Custom concoctions

If you’d like to customize your guests’ experience, there’s a few ways to do it. You can choose two signature cocktails at cocktail hour and still serve beer and/or wine at dinner. There’s of course the option to serve multiple types of cocktails, potentially served at different times. Some of our local experts that can give you pointers on which way to go are The Swig Rig, The Tiddly Trailer Bar Co and Booze Trucks.

Classic Cheers

If Beer on tap is exactly what you’re envisioning but don’t want to deal with the kegs and logistics, The Draft Horse Bar is perfect for your event. With so much personality, your guests will feel right at home. In considering your options, there is flexibility to include cocktails or even to provide your own provisions.

Surprise treats

Have you heard of adult popsicles? I’m sure we’ve all dreamt about them on a hot summer day. The perfect marriage between a cocktail and an icy treat. Sloshy Pops delivers just that and is a great way to cool off your guests and serve as a dessert option or late night snack as well!

Don’t forget that many non-alcoholic/mock tail options are available. Discuss these needs with your vendors and they’ll likely have some impressive ideas. In the case that you’ve booked an all inclusive venue, there are likely many options to do similar custom drink preferences there as well.

Featured Images by Lauryn Kay Photography.

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