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Be You: 10 personalization ideas

All of us PNW-ners love to brand ourselves and our affiliations. What is more fun than bringing some of that self-branding to your wedding day? Even if you’ve never consciously done this, it’s an innate phenomena that we all practice daily from the Converse or Birkenstock’s we wear to how and which coffee we drink not to mention what food trucks we frequent and sports teams we crazy-fan over.

For your wedding day, you both need to exercise compromise and work together to make some final decisions on how exactly to bring your personalities in on the details. There are so many fun ways to do it! It’s impossible to list them all.

Lady and Gent

10 Personalizations (in no particular order):

  1. Favors– include homages or bring in some of your favorite treats to share with your guests.
  2. Shared memories – Involve your family, bridesmaids and groomsmen by picking their brains for fun memories with you that you can display or share with your guests in other ways.
  3. Table Assignments– Name your tables by your favorite places or adventures or other important elements (nature related, etc.)
  4. Photos– Sharing memory photos or engagement photos.
  5. Activities– For example, if you love to travel incorporate passports or cities/experiences in those places you love in activities during your event.
  6. Music– Set a personalized playlist of all your favorite tunes. Throw in a request session for your guests to add some of their own hits. Take it up a notch and feature a Karaoke hour or separate area.
  7. Photo Booth– in the case that you’re having a photo booth, bring in some slogans/sayings you love. Potentially loop in nods to your favorite sports teams.
  8. Monogram– feature your married couples monogram throughout the designs.
  9. Catering– Add an additional feature like an assortment of specialty salts or spices or feature hot sauces/Sriracha.
  10. Sweet Treats– If everyone in your life knows you and Rocher Ferrero are never far apart; it could be a fun idea to have a treats station where you can sneak off an indulge between songs.

We’re sure that you’ll come up with your own list of ways to add a little more YOU to all you already have planned. Remember- no idea is too silly or ever impossible!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.