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Bridal Self-Care

Most women love to primp and prep without much need for a reason. As a bride- you have reasons a plenty! Here are some ideas for what to do each day of the week to give yourself a little extra love and add to your bridal glow.

Seven Days of Self-Care

  • Mask Monday – Choose your favorite face mask, lip mask and/or finish your face routine with a jade roller massage.
  • Body Scrub Tuesday – Any coconut milk, sugar/salt based body scrub will revitalize the body’s largest organ: your skin. Follow with a light lotion or extra virgin coconut oil for extra supple skin.
  • Mani/Pedi Wednesday– Either visit your favorite nail salon or turn on your favorite playlist and sit down with your nail kit to bring the glamour back to your hands & feet.
  • Hair Mask Thursday– Provided that your hair likes masks, a good avocado mask will help prepare your hair for the big day, enhancing shine and softness.
  • Foam roller Friday – if you don’t own one, it’s a game changer! Like your own private masseur that does exactly what you want to get out all those sore spots. Then again, it’d be even more fun to put your fiancé to work!
  • Activity Saturday– Put in a little extra effort to have a heart healthy activity outdoors (hiking, going for a run, etc) or indoors (climbing, gym, barre, etc) with your soon-to-be.
  • Zen Sunday– This is one of the most important tips: take a day where you don’t have a to-do list, no “musts” to rush to. Whether part or all of this day is spent just being present and relaxing, do what you need to do to recoup for the coming week.

Have no fear

What if some of the ideas above might not quite work for you? There are many variations and unique ways to do this for yourself. An everyday addition to feel bright and hydrated is to include infused lemon/cucumber/mint water in your daily habits. Beauty sleep is no myth- every human needs those ZZZ’s. A bedtime routine is beneficial for you and your love. We hope to inspire each bride to build her own self-care routine. Maybe even let your fiancé in on the fun!

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

All images used in this post by the talented Deyla Huss Photography.