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Choosing Your “Something Blue”

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. You may or many not be choosing to honor this age old tradition. But if you are…deciding how to actually incorporate these things can have your head spinning! Here are a few ideas to help you get your blue fix. 

Wedding Floral:

Incorporate blue in the wedding floral. A bold blue flower like Iris, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Forget-Me-Nots or even blue tinted Roses could be used in the table centerpieces. These are perfect for spring and early summer. Having a fall wedding? The florist could easily add a sweet touch of privet berries, stems of thistle or dried blue salvia clusters to the bridal bouquet.

Bouquets can be decorated just like bride can. In lieu of changing up the flowers, the bouquet can be wrapped in blue satin ribbon or held together with lace but pinned with blue pearl pins. A more garden themed wedding could add mini blue butterflies to the bridesmaid bouquets for a whimsical effect. Alternatively, a growing trend is to honor loved ones who are no longer with couple. Brides have used this moment to remember them by adding charms to the bouquets with loved ones pictures or names. These charms come in a multitude of colors- including you guessed it- blue!


Speaking of charms, the something blue can be easily viewed in the wedding day accessories. The blue could be worn in a necklace, earrings, bracelet or even the I do ring. Ask the hair stylist for their suggestions. They could easily build into the wedding day hair a headpiece or hairpins that have a pop of blue in them. Some women have even simply attached a gemstone charm onto their wedding dress zipper.


Some women have opted to go for the more non-traditional route and opted for a tea length dress. If this is the case why not make a bold statement and enjoy some glittery blue pumps. Even if they don’t make it past the first look shot, they will certainly add some sparkle to the photo. Maybe sparkles aren’t the right style. What about comfort? Countless brides exchange heels for shoes that can move when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Everyone will get a kick, while busting a move, when the bride reveals bright blue Converse or some neon blue Nikes.


You can choose to add a personal touch to those classic white designer pumps. In blue sharpie have the finance write a message on the soles the night before. It’s always a sweet moment for the bride to read them before walking down the aisle. Want to involve the bridal crew? While getting ready, have them secretly each write a note on the soles. Keep it short and sweet. Limited space on those shoes and can’t make her cry before the aisle!

For an even more sentimental touch, add a piece of blue into the clothing. This is where any bride can get extra creative. Sew into the bottom of the dress a blue heart. It can be made from great grandmothers sweater. Tie into the bottom bustle a son or nephews blue ribbon they were sent home with from the hospital. Hand-stich on the back of the fiancés tie an I love you message. Who said the blue had to be on the bride?


Since there will be guaranteed pictures of the brides hands displaying the beautiful new ring, most brides opted for a manicure. Perfect opportunity to check that something blue off the list. The options are limitless. All blue from dark navy to robin egg blue. Do an ombre from clear to pale blue. Maybe a french manicure with blue tips or just an accent nail in blue.


The something blue is not limited to something that needs to be worn. Allow the guests to be the something blue. At each place setting or greeting table display the party favors. Whether it’s a local coffee roast, homemade chocolates or a succulent plant to go- have it wrapped and packaged in blue.

At the bar:

Want to have a something blue that can disappear? Have the signature drink during cocktail hour be colorful. Anything involving the liquor blue curacao will do the trick. It can be mixed with most alcohol types- just let the bartender know in advance if tequila, vodka or whiskey is the preferred flavor of the day. Separately, the passed toasting drink during speeches could be blue. There is brand of sparkling wine called Blanc de Blue, blue made specifically for that purpose.

And if all else fails, the easiest go-to way to incorporate a touch of blue into your wedding day is to put your bridal party in blue. Dresses, suits and ties all come in a variety of colors, and pretty much everyone looks great in blue, so that is an extra bonus!

There are literally countless ways to honor this tradition. We hope this has helped you find the perfect touch of blue for you!

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