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Don’t forget about your Mommas!

Mother’s Day is here! Insanely, 2019 has flown by in a blink of an eye. For those of you tying the knot this lovely summer season, this is the perfect opportunity to give both Moms a little extra love. Giving your own mom extra love may not come to be too much of a challenge. We would persuade you to think of your soon-to-be Mother in law’s and embrace any chance to bond and grow closer.

Embrace the Weather

One of the best parts of Mother’s Day in May is the weather! Usually in Portland, it’s a mixed bag. This is the start of all kinds of glorious sunshine and temperatures. If you’re outdoorsy or just love to walk among the flowers- make time and take your Moms into the sun. The Botanical Gardens or The International Rose Garden come to life this time of year. Hiking out at Beacon Rock or Angel’s Rest would be an invigorating way to enjoy time with your Moms.

Enjoy a coffee or tea morning together

If your moms are anything like ours, they love that Portland is the mecca of all things coffee (especially) and, not to be forgotten, tea too! Why not surprise your Moms with a lovely break at a Townshend Tea or Barista in town? Try something new on their menus and maybe its the perfect chance for you to learn something about your own Mom or Mom-in-law.

Deyla Huss Photography

Splurge together

For the ladies that love to shop together- this is an easy idea that takes very little persuading. For those who aren’t super keen on stores and trying on outfits together, this could mean a fun day in Hood River wine tasting and enjoying a lovely meal. It could also mean visiting one of her favorite spots and letting go a little together. Finding the right thing that brings a little splurge into your life can be a part of the fun too!

No matter what, make sure you give her quality time

The true take-away is that sometimes in the course of wedding planning, our Moms’ need some of our quality time. We know that each Mom is elated for their son or daughter to begin this new journey. There’s tremendous pride involved in seeing their greatest joy experience incredible joy for themselves. We want your Moms to feel the immense gratitude that we all share for their gift of life to each of you and their love & care over the years. No matter if you simply come over to their house or you have them stop by yours and you share an hour together laughing and reminiscing- that’s exactly all that quality time needs to be.

Sometimes life gets hectic not to mention when you’re wedding planning! We all know there’s never a shortage of holidays and celebrations year-round but finding a special way to give love to Bride & Groom moms, adds to the memories their making of this incredible year in their kids’ lives. Take our advice- treat yo Mommas!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.