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Embrace the Bridal Glow

As a bride, your happiness shines through! This may be what the “Glow” is all about. As exciting and fun as planning your wedding can be- it’s often a little stressful too. For all our brides, we feel like we have just the answer even if the “Glow” doesn’t quite kick in on your big day.

No need to stress about the surprises

For those familiar to the odd breakout and random waves of hormonal skin changes, the last thing you want to think of the morning of your wedding is a stray guest on your forehead or cheek. When considering whether to hire professional beauty experts for yourself, think of this. Having someone in your corner to take care of all of that will be such a relief. Leave it to an expert who has fantastic skills and tricks up their sleeve for you. We can warmly recommend a few of our favorite ladies such as Olivia Hawthorne Beauty, Coreene Collins and Lisa Boehm Beauty. They will highlight your natural beauty and capture your gorgeous features like never before!

Au Natural Beauties

For those who usually run a mascara wand through their lashes and tap some tinted chapsticks on their pouts and look like a Vogue model, you may be thinking you’d rather keep it low key. Low maintenance is never a bad thing! Embrace that natural beauty but also consider that this is your big day. Not every bride needs to be primped and prepped to the max but there’s a sense of a special type of self care when you embrace your bride status that morning. Simply explain exactly what you’d like to your beauty styling expert and feel confident that they’ll only accentuate more of your organic beauty. In addition to our experts above, a few more local stand outs come to mind- we invite you to reach out to Jovana Combs Beauty , Kelli Thomsen Beauty and Kristie Wight MUA.

“Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart” Khalil Gibran

Featured Images by Katy Weaver Photography.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.