Tips and Advice

Planning tips for a fall wedding

Fall is a popular time of the year to get married! To help those of you that have chosen this gorgeous season for your special day, we have put together a few tips specifically for autumn nuptials.

1. Prepare for cool breezes by offering your guests colorful wraps or a basket-full of blankets to stay warm. Not only are they practical, they add a beautiful and inviting touch to your decor.

2. Greet your guests with a delicious warm up by offering hot cider or hot chocolate upon their arrival. It can be a self serve station or if you would like to kick things up with a little booze, have a server stand by and top off the glasses.

3. The sun sets much earlier in the fall, so be sure to plan for lights. Cafe lights are beautiful over the event spaces but also be sure paths to the parking lots and/or restrooms are well lit too. We want to make sure everyone gets around and home safe. For cafe lights and other lighting options check out Greenlight Creative and  The Party Place. We love their wine barrel and light package! Also, check out their heaters and tent options. All your fall essentials!  One other suggestion is to start the ceremony earlier than summer weddings. That way you can take advantage of the warm glow of fall light.

4. In case your fall wedding comes with a few sprinkles, we also encourage you to purchase some clear umbrellas for you and your bridal party. The clear umbrellas allow you to stay dry and the don’t get in the way of pictures.

5. Embrace the season’s bounty and utilize it throughout your fall wedding. Fall is one of the prettiest times of year and you can really highlight it’s beauty is many ways.

  • You can have your caterer create a local, farm-fresh menu. We love how caterers like Valley Commissary utilize locally sourced foods to produce an incredible meal. Gorgeous and delicious!
  • You can have your florist use local flowers in rich hues like stunning dahlias!
  • Take advantage of the fall leaves and have an artist like The Lettering Bee Co write guest names on them for place cards/escort cards.

6. Our final tip is just relax and enjoy. Yes, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with your initial plans, but if you just roll with the punches your wedding will be better (and your photos will be even more stunning) then you could possibly imagine.

Images featured in this post by Deyla Huss Photography. Bouquet by Bella Bloom Florals.