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First looks: yes or no?

First looks are often a traditional moment for the couple to share before the ceremony. While this is a common choice for most, it’s still not an absolute for any couple that chooses not to. Read on if you’re contemplating your options.

For the “Yes!” couples

For you, it’s simple. You already know or are mostly confident in your choice to include a first look before your ceremony. This can be a beautiful and private moment the two of you share before you take your steps into married life. Also, it allows the photographer the chance to provide the best scene to capture this special intimacy between you. You might even want to take this opportunity to give each other a special gift or say your vows privately to one another before the big celebration with family and friends.

For the “No!” couples

It’s not uncommon to want to wait until the very first moment when your eyes meet for the ceremony to see each other. In fact, there are a couple alternative options couples not doing a first look can consider. The first is doing a letter/gift to your betrothed via Best Man and Maid of Honor or even by your mothers. The other is to share a private moment without your eyes meeting. Such as, around a corner, with a door between you or back to back. This still gives you a chance to connect and spend a couple moments together alone just before you go down the aisle.

This day is all about your love from start to finish and with or without a first look, it will be spectacular and full of romance. Some of our favorite photographers like Lindsay Blair Photography, Ambient Sky, and Seppi Ramos know just how to capture each of these special moments.

If you should need any recommendations on just how to incorporate or execute these different options, a few of our go-to local wedding planners are Your Perfect Bridesmaid and Totem Weddings and Events.

Featured photos are by Lindsay Blair Photography.

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

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