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Floral Trends Going Into 2019

Flowers have always been a staple at weddings, but the floral trends have tended to shift every few years. To keep up on trends in wedding flowers, we asked some local florists for the scoop: Allison Schreck of Bramble Floral Design, Lucy Gorman of Lucy’s Informal Flowers, and Madeline Howard of Vibrant Flowers. Read on for their insights on current floral trends. And we know that Portland is full of eclectic and unique folks, so in regards to trends: take what you like, leave what you don’t, or take one and make it your own!

Bolder Colors  Couples are asking for more color in their wedding flowers! All three florists mentioned that they are being asked more often to incorporate deeper, richer colors in their florals (even if combined with a neutral), and that couples aren’t as “set” on a specific color scheme for florals.

Statement Pieces Couples are getting more creative with florals and wanting to do more furnishings with them. Allison says, “people aren’t necessarily as stuck on basic arches for ceremony decor anymore. They are open to ground installations, hanging installations, and more!” Macrame is one of the looks that is popular right now. Lucy says, “The macramé hanging is used at the ceremony, hung in an arbor, then used as a backdrop for the couples table during dinner. We put florals in the macrame knots.”

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“Messier” Bouquets Brides are wanting more movement and depth in their bouquets, and a more natural look. Madeline says that currently, brides are into “wider loose bouquets with a more organic feel rather than round and clean ones.”

Still Trending: All three florists mentioned that greenery continues to be extremely popular. Bouquets, centerpieces, and garlands of greens such as ferns, eucalyptus, moss, and Italian ruscus combined with neutral flowers (and candles!) for a natural look is still a big ask for weddings in the 2019 season.

NOT Trending:  Boutonnieres & mother corsages, hanging jars of flowers, and ball-shaped bridal bouquets.

Always Trending: White and blush, peonies, and roses – Portland is the City of Roses!

Featured image used in this post courtesy of  Blum Floral Design.

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.