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Cake Cutting: Things to think about!

Cutting the cake at a wedding is an honored tradition and is symbolic in that it’s usually the first task that a couple performs together as newlyweds. Besides how yummy the cake tastes, there are many things to consider that help the cake cutting process go smoothly. Read on for tips and advice on all things to know and consider about wedding cake cutting.

Who will cut the cake? After you two do the symbolic first cut, who will cut the rest of the cake? Most venues will have someone designated to do this – the venue coordinator or someone on the banquet staff will bring the cake to the kitchen, slice it up, and run it down on dessert plates to serve at the reception.

What will the cake be cut with? Many venues have basic utensils to cut and serve the cake with, but you’re welcome and encouraged to bring your own knife and spatula. Some couples receive a cake cutting set as a gift during their engagement, or may even have heirloom silverware in the family passed down to them for wedding use. You’re also welcome to bring your own cake stand.

Who will set up the cake and can it be moved easily? If your cake has multiple tiers, it must be assembled. Typically, the bakery will do this when they deliver the cake on your wedding day. Sometimes, however, depending on the time they drop off the cake, it may not be best to put it on your cake table. For example, if your wedding is outdoors and during the summer, and the bakery drops it off early afternoon, it shouldn’t be sitting out in the heat because it will melt. If this is the case, check with your venue – they most likely have a fridge or cooler to store it in. They will then also be in charge of moving the cake to the designated spot at a more appropriate time.

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Who will put final decorations on the cake? Your bakery should provide all the trimmings, but if you want the cake to be decorated with real flowers, typically you’ll work this out with your florist beforehand. They will set aside some extra flowers that will be used for the cake, and then the bakery will use the flowers to decorate the cake when they deliver it. Pro tip: provide a photo of how you want it decorated to your coordinator so they can share it with the bakery (or possibly step in and do it themselves in a pinch!).

Will the cake be frozen before the wedding? During the height of wedding season, many bakeries have multiple orders to fill on the same day, so they’ll make the cake in advance and freeze it. It will be delivered to you thawed, and the freezing shouldn’t affect the taste. But, keeping it frozen may make it harder to cut because the cake tends to crumble more when it thaws. Just something to keep in mind!

What time will cake cutting be? The cake is cut sometime after dinner, but it’s up to you when exactly you want it to happen in relation to the toasts, dances, and other key parts of your reception – especially if you’re doing a late-night snack! Make sure to work this out with your coordinator beforehand, and make sure that it’s early enough that your photographer is still there and can capture the sweet moment of you two feeding it to each other!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.