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Getting from A to B

Whether you’re locals or out of towners, transportation is part of the event planning. Especially if any portion of your guests require some transportation assistance. Here’s a few ways to make these logistics easier.

The VIPs

Being that you’re the stars of the event- this is the time to embrace the VIP’s you are. Make the plan as easy as possible for yourselves. If you are a more traditional couple and getting ready/arriving separately with your bridesmaids/groomsmen, you may have some options to consider. The most budget friendly is to consider carpooling with a couple designated drivers. That said, if the whole gang wants to let loose and not worry about driving, while Uber or Lyft are great- the rides can quickly add up. We highly recommend one of our favorites, The Shanghai Portland Party Bus.

Esteemed Guests

Your guests might be locals or out of towners as well. If you’re trying to delve into logistics for every household, you’ll get overwhelmed. We would like to suggest that any local to the area, unless staying in the same hotel(s) where other guests that need transportation are located, can easily find their way to your venue. The only thing to consider in this case- is parking availability for those driving in on their own. In the case of your remaining guest- especially if they are staying in designated hotels, there are sometimes available hotel shuttles for event use. Those should also be able to be pre- scheduled for pick up at the conclusion of the event as well. One of our go-to shuttle services is the ecoShuttle for all your event transportation needs.

Logistics don’t need to be scary or confusing. The most important people to be concerned about are the happy couple, bridal party and immediate family. You may not be considering any additional measures. We hope our recommendations come in handy and help bring ease to the task for those of you planning the trips from “A to B” for your event!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.