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Hey there DJ – play that song

Think back to the wedding you’ve attended that sticks out as your favorite. Why was that? Did the dance party portion of the reception have more than a little to do with that memory? We would argue that your DJ’s playlist and presence will be one of the top topics among your guests during and after your event!

Choosing a DJ

We know there are some fantastic Portland DJ’s and we’d love to tell you it is an easy choice. Your DJ is often times doing much more than just playing music. They can also play a huge role as far as being the MC of your event. It’s important to pick someone that you feel confident can keep the energy and flow of your event on track. When you chat with a potential DJ, come ready to discuss your ideas and don’t be bashful. The DJ is definitely your biggest resource and friend in building your playlist. Secret expectations or last minute adds won’t help. If the DJ advises you not to go a certain direction, take it into consideration but know you’re always able to make your own final decision on any song/artist. Some of our favorite Portland DJs are: Event Team Entertainment, Stumptown DJs, NW Mobile DJs, and All Wright Music.

Oldies but goodies

We’ve been pleasantly surprised in the past with some more retro playlists. When the music suits the couple, there’s no disputing the perfect match. This option is especially popular with a mixed guest list. It ends up being a great way to bridge the generational divide in the crowd and keeps everyone dancing for longer.

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Top 40’s beats

Who doesn’t love the newest hits? A little JT and Beyoncé would make anyone shimmy. Being a bit tactful with your song selection is key here. We recommend avoiding making a playlist that’ll sound like Z-100 is blasting at your reception. These top songs are always welcome to be peppered into any playlist.

A little something that’s just the two of you

There’s nothing more sweet than having both of your favorite tunes serenading you and your guests. Especially if among the songs that make you want to hold each other extra close, you throw in those dance-y and upbeat artists that’ll keep the party going. This night is all about you! A part of making this the party of your life is taking into account what’ll make the majority of your guests feel the need to shake it on the dance floor.

When you’re wracking your noodles thinking of songs you love, a great place to start is what songs you two share that remind you of one another. As soon as you match with a DJ, let the brainstorming begin. If you need to delegate and trust in the DJ’s expertise, that’s perfectly acceptable. Usually, the DJ will be able to create an incredible set list for the biggest party of your life! We hope you’re even more excited now about your reception’s soundtrack and getting down with your loved ones!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.