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How to Create a Personal Wedding Day

When planning your wedding, it’s important to remember that the day is about the two of you, your love for each other, and the life that you are building together. That’s really personal stuff! There are a lot of traditions associated with weddings, so it can be hard to stay personal throughout the entire process. We’re here to help! Here are 6 ways to create a personal wedding that feels unique to the two of you. 


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Write Your Own Vows Instead of the traditional I Do’s, write vows that are more personal to you and your relationship. This is arguably the most significant way to personalize your wedding day – right in the ceremony! Your guests will love hearing your take on the vows, too!


Select A Friend Or Family Member To Officiate Choosing someone who knows you personally will help set a more intimate tone. They can write the entire ceremony in a way that honors your relationship and their personal bond to it.  


Choose Special Dishes For The Menu When choosing the food, drinks, and dessert, think about your favorite meals, or meals that are special to your heritage or family. A generic menu will feel just that – generic – so select more personal items!


Curate The Playlist Work with your DJ to make sure they include songs that you love and that are meaningful to you. The wedding day and reception will feel more personal if your favorite songs are playing! 


Honor Your Loved Ones A sweet way to create a personal tone to your wedding day is to find a way to honor your loved ones. You could place a memorial table with photos of loved ones who have passed away. Or you could honor loved ones still alive by doing a special dance with a grandparent at the reception. The possibilities are endless, but as long as they are meaningful and personal to you, they will be precious.  


Forgo Traditions You Don’t Care About The easiest way to create a personal wedding is to make sure that your choices reflect what you really want! Therefore, only choose to do things that are important and make sense to you. If you’d rather walk yourself down the aisle, or not buy wedding favors, or have mismatched bridal party attire, go for it. Do YOU!


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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.