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How To Create Your Wedding Vision

Chances are, when planning your wedding, you have a vision or image in your mind of what it should look like – the colors, décor, apparel, venue, and overall vibe. Creating a wedding based on what you envision is the ultimate goal for wedding planning, but there is no need to tackle this alone. Hiring an experienced wedding planner like Your Perfect Bridesmaid will make all the difference. Let a professional take your vision and turn it into reality. Here are 4 questions to consider when talking with your wedding planner and defining your wedding vision!

What Is Important To Us? The first thing to do when creating your wedding vision is look at the big picture – what are the most important things you want for your wedding day? This will be unique to each couple. Think about how you want to feel on the day – do you want a romantic vibe? A heartfelt, personal tone? An epic party? Play out the entire day in your head – what do you see? Chances are, the fine details like linen colors and centerpieces won’t come up as vividly as the overall tone you want to set. Start from there!

What DON’T We Want? Many times, it’s easier to find out what you want when you have an idea of what you don’t want. Perhaps you want to forgo most traditional wedding activities like the bouquet toss and father daughter dance. Or maybe you’re not a cake person and want an alternative dessert. Maybe you don’t want to wear white, or you don’t want kids at your wedding. Think about what you don’t want on your wedding day – that will help you narrow down your vision.

What Were Some Of Our Favorite Weddings? Think back on the weddings you’ve attended. Chances are there are some that were awesome and some that weren’t as great. What did you like about the ones that were awesome? And what could have gone better at the ones that weren’t so great? Was it the food or the music? Did it feel disorganized? Did the couple or families seem stressed? What do you remember the most, both in a good way and a not-so-good way? This will shed some light on what you want for your wedding, and will help you further create your overall vision.

What Do We Want Our Guests To Say? Lastly, think about how you want your guests to describe your wedding at the end of the day. If you could ask every guest what they thought of your wedding, what comment would make you the happiest? Do you want them to rave about your dress, the catering, the venue? Do you want them on the dance floor all night? Do you want them to talk about how easily the day flowed and how happy the two of you were? Do you want them to cry at the toasts? Think about what you’d want them to say, and how you want them to feel. This question, along with the previous questions, will help you get a better sense of your wedding vision.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

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