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How to Pick Your Wedding Party

Choosing who to have in your wedding party is an important part of wedding planning because your group helps set the tone of the planning process and the big day. So how to go about picking your bridal party? Do what feels right for you! There are no rules about this anymore, so we’re only going to provide you with some food for thought. Here are some things to consider when picking your wedding party:

Do I Care About Uniformity? If you want you and your fiancé to have the same number of bridesmaids and/or groomsmen, this will mean that you have to either limit or increase your numbers. If symmetry doesn’t matter to you, no worries – plenty of couples have different numbers of people standing up with them on each side.

Do I Care About Gender Norms? It’s fine if you want to stick with tradition, but know that there are no rules about the gender of your party members, either! If you have a good friend or close family member of the opposite gender that you want in your bridal party, go ahead and include them. You can even make them your Man of Honor or Best Woman.

What Do I Want My Wedding Party To Help With?  You may want your party to just show up wearing what they need to wear and call it a day. Or you may want them to help with tasks such as addressing envelopes, assembling favors, shopping for your wedding gown, or planning a bridal shower. If this is the case, choose people who will be helpful, organized, and on time.

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Do I Want To Include Family? If you have multiple siblings, siblings-in-law, and cousins as well as friends, you may have to think twice about who you want to include in your party. There’s also your fiancé’s family to consider – does he or she have any siblings that you want up there with you, or do you have a sibling that you want on their side?

Who Will Give A Good Toast? The Maid of Honor and Best Man traditionally give a toast at the reception. You don’t necessarily have to choose these people to provide a toast, but most people do. Therefore, choose someone who knows you well, will write a touching speech, and isn’t too nervous about speaking in front of a crowd.

Will My Party Mesh Well?  This is one that most people don’t take the time to consider. Does your party know each other already? Will your college friends clash with your grad school friends? Are any members of your party shy? Do any have drama between them? Will you all have fun as a group at your bachelorette party?

Who Keeps Me Relaxed And Happy? At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is that you enjoy your wedding day. Therefore, it’s best to choose people for your bridal party that you enjoy being around, and that know how to keep you relaxed and happy.

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