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How to Plan a Bridal Shower as Unique as your Bride!

A bridal shower may seem daunting to plan if you haven’t thrown one before. There are many ways to celebrate, especially in Portland. Keeping in mind of what makes your Bride who she is, will make her event a memorable one.

If you are new to the role of maid of honor, or just planning a bridal shower in general, you may not know exactly what a bridal shower is! Think of this as a “pre-wedding party” or kick off! This party is traditionally reserved for just the ladies. Typically, the best time to throw this party is 1-3 months before the wedding.

Usually the planning for the Bridal Shower is spearheaded by the Maid of Honor. The MoH, friends or family planning this event for the Bride will know best what she enjoys and what could make this day a fun event before she becomes a wife. There are many ways a bridal shower can be celebrated, depending on the bride herself! Read on for some planning ideas.


A traditional Bridal shower has a few important elements. The options of either renting an event space like Enoteca Nostrana or hosting from your home will allow for an intimate gathering. In most cases, this event is focused on quality time with the Bride and those closest to her.


At a traditional bridal shower, it is common invite the bridal party, bride AND groom’s family (immediate and close extended family, as well as close friends who may not be in the bridal party. As mentioned earlier, this is traditional a ladies only event, however the list should ulitmately be made by the bride. There are really no rules!

Traditional bridal showers take place during the afternoon, and guests can gather to a sit down to lunch or have a shared buffet. Planning a menu can be challenging and relying on an experienced caterer, such as Elephants Catering may be a helpful resource.

Most Brides enjoy the Shower games such as the memory game, what’s in your purse, toilet paper wedding dress design and others. A quintessential moment of the Bridal Shower is opening the gifts and making the gift bow/ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal.

Out on The Town

For the Bride that enjoys a day out and about with her ladies, think of planning a fun day in the city. Pamper the group by starting with mani/pedi’s or plan a day at the of beauty at a local salon or spa.

In the case that she’s not fond of traditional games, consider a Bridal Shower treasure hunt that takes her and her ladies from place to place collecting memories and commemorating them with photos. Planning a private lunch or afternoon tea at a local treasured restaurant and then even planning a stop to indulge in desserts together.


Does your bride love the local Portland Breweries? Would family and friends enjoy this exeperience too?Why not schedule Brewvana tour to spend the afternoon exploring some of the best craft breweries in Portland! The key to this option is tailoring the day as much as possible.

A party on the road

If the Bride is adventurous, consider planning a fun party away! This can be a couple days at the coast, camping, a day retreat at a spa or even a weekend away in Vegas. If you want to keep it a little closer or limit the amount of time out of town, a day spent wine tasting at vineyards like Domaine de Brogile is a great way to celebrate.

The planning for this type of shower will include more logistics and is often for a smaller groups, but is a fantastic way to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Keep in mind while it is usually the maid of honor’s role to plan these events, help can always be recruited and should be!

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It could be that even the idea of throwing a Bridal Shower seems overwhelming. If that’s the case, remind yourselves that there is always a simpler way to go about it. Ultimately, the experience is to bring the ladies together to celebrate the Bride. Staying true to what the Bride enjoys and who the Bride is will make this event a success.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. 

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