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Don’t let rain ruin your day

How do you plan for rain on your wedding day? It rains a lot in the city of Portland, even sometimes during the beautiful summer months. If you’re having an indoor wedding and reception, you probably won’t have to think about rainy day contingency plans. But if you’re set on an outdoor space, try and set your date during mid-May through late September – these are the times it will most likely be sunny and dry! If your date is between October and April – or if the forecast shows rain during your summer wedding – read on for tips and ideas on how to gracefully handle a rainy wedding day!

The Party Place

  1. RENT A TENT: Consider renting a clear tent to put over your ceremony space – that way, you’ll keep everyone dry, and still get plenty of natural light! Check out our rental vendors for tents: Bridgewood Events and The Party Place
  2. KEEP THE FOOD COVERED: Most outdoor venues have a covered space for your reception, but if yours doesn’t, consider a tent to at least cover the food. If your venue doesn’t already have pop-up tents to cover the buffet, consider renting a few from the places listed above.
  3. SIGNAGE MATERIALS: Stay away from paper or chalk for your wedding signage or programs. Think about glass, wood, and words that are carved in or lased on. 
  4. WATERPROOF MAKEUP: Make sure your makeup artist uses waterproof makeup and a strong setting spray so you and your bridal party stay looking fresh and beautiful through the raindrops!
  5. UMBRELLAS: Consider purchasing umbrellas for you, your bridal party and your guests. The wedding party can use the umbrellas in between taking photos, and guests can use them while they’re watching the ceremony and enjoying the party. You could even go so far as to make umbrellas your wedding favor! Clear plastic umbrellas will match most wedding décor, and can be easily purchased on Amazon.
  6. MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CAN SHOOT IN THE RAIN: Many local wedding photographers have experience shooting in rainy weather and won’t be unfazed! Just be sure to have the conversation with them, and make sure their equipment is waterproof. You can even have fun with props like umbrellas and rain boots! Your photos might turn out lovelier than you expect – rain makes for softer lighting, so your pictures have a romantic feel to them.
  7. COZY TREATS: Embrace the ambience that rain brings, and provide your guests with some warm, cozy treats, such as cinnamon rolls or a hot cocoa bar!
  8. STAY RELAXED AND FLEXIBLE: Try your best to roll with the punches and not let the rain affect your mood for the day – chances are if you live in town, you’re probably used to it (and your guests are too). Make sure to plan with your wedding and/or venue coordinator, keep the above tips in mind, take your time walking so you don’t slip, and then just let the day unfold and enjoy every minute!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.