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Guest book alternatives

The traditional guest book has gotten many makeovers for the past few years. Lots of couples have chosen to forgo the basic bound book of guest’s names and well wishes, and instead opt for a more inventive and personal way to keep track of their wedding attendees. Check out some creative ideas for guest book alternatives below!

Photo booth Book: If you do actually want a book, upgrade from a list of names to an image book! If you have a photo booth at your wedding, get all the images bound together into book format – that way when you look at it, you can see your friends and family having fun on your wedding day! Check out some of our favorite local photo booth companies like Stumptown Booth, Smirk Photobooth Co, and The Little Photo Bus

Little Photo Bus

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Posters & Prints: This is both a creative and useful idea. Find a poster or print of an image that means something to both of you – or design one yourself – and have your guests sign it at your wedding. You can then hang it in your home! 

Monograms: Similar to posters and prints, this idea also serves as good home décor. Make or find a wooden slab in the initial of your new name (or the initials of your first names together if you’re not taking the same name), paint it if you wish, and have your guests sign it.

Champagne Bottle: Buy a few extra bottles of the champagne or wine that you’re serving at your wedding, and have your guests sign it – then display it on a shelf in your home and/or drink it on a special anniversary!

Bench: This has been showing up more and more – buy or make a small wooden bench, paint it however you like, and have your guests sign it. Then you can put it in your yard and be reminded of it every day.

Date Night In A Jar: This is both a fun and helpful guestbook alternative – provide a jar, pens and scraps of paper, and have your guests provide date night ideas for you. Whenever you plan a date, reach into the jar and see what your guests came up with!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.