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Inspired by the Season

Whether Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter- every season has more than enough to offer in the way of inspiring our creativity. It’s up to you that’s something you’d like to pursue. Some of our favorite past events had an homage to the wedding season.


Most couples may not consider this to be the sexiest of seasons for inspiration. The one thing we like to remind our couples about Fall is the incredible range of colors! Some of the richest tones come alive in this season. We’re not just talking about Halloween’s orange and black! Nature really provides a phenomenal landscape when Fall comes around. Burnt sienna, deep evergreen, midnight blue, and so many more!

Hazelwood Photography


Without being too direct with your Spring features- there’s no better way to bring in some Spring in Portland than to “Put a Bird on it”. If that reference made no sense- homework assignment: watch Portlandia. In all seriousness, bringing in the foliage and bright colors of Spring flowers is a gorgeous way to embrace what your season has to offer.


What can we say about Summer? The options are endless- the colors, the flowers, the food options, not to mention dress and shoe options. In an attempt to bring a new element to your summer wedding, especially if outdoors- consider what do people love to experience in the summer? Maybe it’s a S’Mores dessert option, slushy or ice cream cart, or a late night Taco truck. This is a great season to find a way to surprise and have some extra fun with your guests!


If you’re considering an indoor wedding and you are able to make the ultimate snowy wedding a reality- what a treat! In the case that’s not within your budget or on your mind, consider the incorporating some cooler tones. Playing with acrylic materials for signage and menus could provide an interesting element that your guests are sure to notice.

There’s no need to feel limited in your event styling. Cross-pollinating seasonal inspiration is also an option. The best way to be confident in your design is to trust your instinct and go with your first impulse. It’s important to decide on any criteria that will guide you early on. Try to focus and carry on down one path, we know you’ll be relieved to be able to say “no, even if just to yourself. At any time you need extra help, reach out to your wedding planner. If that’s not currently a part of your contract- consider adding some a la carte design help and let them take over as needed! Above all, designing is about bringing all of what you love to reality- have fun with yourself and your guests, no matter the Season!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.