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The comeback of the receiving line!

Wedding day receiving lines. Is it for you?

We typically have a conversation with our clients about the overwhelm they may be feeling when it comes to talking to all of their guests on their wedding day. When you have a guest list of 50 or more it can feel like it will be impossible to greet all of your guests individually. We love to help our clients come up with a plan that makes them feel like they get a bit of personal time with everyone. To receiving line or not, that has become the common question.

Lady and Gent Photography

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Why we love to see the receiving line make a comeback!

  • Getting a chance to hug and say hello to all of your guests right after the ceremony. This is always such a time of pure excitement and joy. We have seen our couples and their guests truly relish in this emotional time. The “I dos” have JUST happened. Everyone is cheering and wiping their tears. How awesome to be able to run down the line and hug everyone single person that is cheering you on?
  • It can take the pressure away during the reception. Sometimes our clients feel they have to rush through their dinner because they feel the need to FINALLY greet everyone. It can seem like such a long time coming because you have already had the ceremony and cocktail hour without any official acknowledgment of your guests.
  • You are sure not to miss anyone! The chances of missing some guests while greeting your guests during your reception are pretty high.  People are at the bar, getting more food, mingling, etc. You never want your guests to feel like you did not notice if they were there or not. Having all of your guests come through the receiving line ensures that all guests get some face time with you.
  • Let the weight fall off of your shoulders. You said your vows, you are married, you have greeted everyone, now it is time to party! There is always a checklist type of situation on your wedding day. You (or your wedding planner) have a lot of things to remember to do. It always feels so great to get those “must do” things done. Then you just get to relax and enjoy the rest of your celebration.

We know that there are so many alternatives to the receiving line. Limiting photos after the ceremony so that you can greet during cocktail hour, greeting guests at their tables during dinner service, or hosting a welcome cocktail hour before the rehearsal. But all in all, we do feel like the clients that go with the receiving line feel relaxed and confident that they were able to acknowledge all of their loved ones on this special day!

What are your thoughts on a receiving line? Have you seen it done differently? Let us know!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Kayla McCaul, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. She owns CK Events and Locally Sourced NW.