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Kids at your wedding?

Including kids at your wedding, whether in the wedding party itself or in the guest list- is, sometimes a bit of a hard question to consider. They can be the cutest part of the ceremony and give a lot of “aw” moments during the reception as well. The question truly becomes whether the potential interruptions and distractions to your guests are something that will bother you.

All the kiddos

If you’d like to have kiddos involved of varying ages- there are multiple types of options. Having a kids table for those old enough to be away from their parents is a nice way to give them their own entertainment and a little more condensed atmosphere. Another idea is to hire a sitter or two for the event where all the kiddos can be under the supervision and the adults can relax a bit with you. Bridal Bliss and Madeline Moore Events are a couple of local coordinators that can help make these logistics an easy feat.

Our fur-loves

There’s a similar question toward the furballs in our lives that may be important to include in your ceremony at least. It’s not uncommon for a ring bearer or flower girl to be one of our cuddliest variety. If this is the case, other than designating a friend or family member to help with the care- there’s a few other options that you may want to research for pet sitting at an event.


This doesn’t have to be an impossible task. It truly depends on your preference. There can also be an “adult-only” option where kids aren’t invited. This is perfectly suitable as well. For those who really want to spend the evening with all of their friends and no bedtimes to worry about.

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This tips and advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

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