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Late-night snacks: Portland-style

Catering is always one of the main focal points for any wedding. The hours it takes to decide and carefully select each element of your dining menu on that special day can be exhausting. The best parts of that process are the tasting session and of course finally seeing it come to life! Even if on the night of, you practically inhale two bites between every sixth family member or friend you greet. What we think is such a fun addition to the occasion is adding a late-night snack surprise for yourselves and the guests who are partying the night away with you.

Why do this?

After all the other planning is settled and done, choosing a fun snack-type extra brings a little levity to cap all your hard work. This is completely optional! If it seems like more work than it’s worth- ignore this advice. If you are struggling to figure out how to do it in the venue you’ve selected, call the vendor your considering and get their take on the logistics (also contact your venue- maybe they will have some ideas too). What’s especially fun about this option is that it allows you to feature another little piece of what makes you two happy. You’re letting your guests in on a little insider secret, so to speak.


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Tacos. Pizza. Mac n Cheese. Falafel. Your options are endless! At the end of the day when the excitement and adrenaline have been endlessly rushing through your bodies and you’ve been dancing your hearts out- what’s better than a fresh taco? Being creative and going with your ultimate faves is always the best way to go about choosing what’s right for you and your party hoard.


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In Portland, we’re extra lucky to have some awesome options for sweet treats. Donuts (Pips, Voodoo or Blue Star), S’Mores, PB&J Gourmet, The Mobile Scoop. Your guests will love you when they see any one of these Portland favorites roll in to satiate their late-night sweet tooth. Some couples choose even to forego the traditional cake for their wedding. Any of these options would be a unique way to bring dessert into your celebration.


Don’t forget the late-night cappuccino or macchiato. Bringing in an espresso cart could recharge that last leg of the party. Intentional Espresso is one of our favorites in Portland. They bring you into the full experience of your coffee selection by setting up a coffee cupping to truly match you with your beans. Most couples have signature cocktails featured. How rad would signature Bride/Groom coffees be?

When considering adding another element like this, it’s always good to level set it against your overall event. If this is something that you’d enjoy and would bring a little extra to your evening, do it! This is the city where all things truly are possible, especially in terms of bringing more of who you two are into your guests’ experience that special day.

Check out this list of our favorite local Portland Oregon caterers and novelty desserts!

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This Tips & Advice piece was written by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.