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Live it up at the After Party!

We’ve all watched the award ceremonies and the Met Galas and we know- the ‘After Party’ is never an afterthought. Many of our couples have had some epic moments post-reception. Just because your reception is over doesn’t mean the party has to end! But why should you consider having one?

If your venue has a hard close time at 9 or 10 pm, the party will likely JUST be getting started. So if you suspect that your friends and family will want to keep the party going, having a plan for festivities after the reception will be the best way to go! Who wants to go home early anyway?!

Reception end time aside, you just planned and executed your wedding day! Time to let your hair down and enjoy a less formal and more relaxed end to the evening. Spending some more casual time with friends, family (and of course your new spouse) in a casual atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered!

Now that we know the why behind an after-party, here are some simple ways of how to do it!

Turn the music up!

Who said it has to be late? Sometimes an ‘After Party’ can be the tail end of your reception but you take the extra step and coordinate with your DJ and turn the space into a Club. You could come up with a fun name or pay homage to your newlywed last name. Bring down the house and keep the dancing going with glow-sticks, confetti, and pumped-up tunes.

Your DJ should have some ideas on how to keep the party going! Make sure to chat with them and let them know how important a party atmosphere is to you.

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Go out on the town!

If painting the town red is your style, do a bit of research. See what is one or are there a few spots you can string together and stay out all night with your closest friends/family. In this case, invite-only as many people as you can trust to coordinate Ubers. If you feel like you need to arrange additional transportation for a larger number of guests, we recommend Shanghai Party Bus, EcoShuttle or Northwest Navigator! Portland is just the type of city that loves to see a happy couple in their wedding outfits and their beautiful entourage living it up!

Keep it simple!

Sometimes the perfect place for an after-party is back at home. Take the party back to someone’s house or yard and pop some more bottles, fire up the pit and roast s’mores or play a wicked game of Cards Against Humanity. There’s no shame in a chill ‘After Party’. After all- the point is to keep having fun!

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Keep it budget-friendly!

By this point of the evening, your guests have been more than taken care of! Assuming that they have been fed, had some beverages and maybe some dessert at your wedding, you are free to keep this portion of the evening very low key. Decorations are not necessary, and no need to cover the bar tab. Or, if you feel compelled to take care of a portion of the costs, considering having a time limit.

A few things to consider BEFORE your after party. It’s okay to invite-only select guests to attend. After all, grandma likely won’t want to come along to an after reception event! When you send out your invitations to your wedding, this would be a great time to add an additional invite with all the details!

Truly, the options here are endless. An ‘After Party’ is never required, but for those of you that are excited about the idea, we fully encourage it! Keep it safe, keep it fun and most of all, forget about the time and enjoy yourselves.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.