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Local Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids do so much for you during your wedding and the days leading up to it – they should be properly thanked! Traditionally, the bride gives a gift to each bridesmaid. There are plenty of Pinterest-worthy ideas online, and you know your bridesmaids best. But if you’re still wondering what to get them, we’ve got some local options for you! We love a good gift basket, and there are some great local items you can include in one for your bridesmaids! Read on for some possible gift ideas made right here in Portland.

Locally Sourced NW

Palate Polish: You may have seen this in salons around town – this vegan nail polish is locally made and comes in lots of fun colors!

St. Olio Body Refresher: This body-safe mist is made from only natural ingredients and smells divine – and the packaging is to die for!

Candles: A wonderful local option for candles is Bridge Nine Candle Co. – their candles are all natural, come in a variety of scents, and feature a beautiful image of the iconic St. Johns bridge.  

Boozy Treats: Check out Portland Sangria (sangria in a can) and Union Wine Co.’s Underwood line (wine, champagne, and rose in a can) – yummy, easy to add to a gift basket, and the cans are super cute!

Jewelry:If you would like to include a piece of jewelry, check out the varied collection on Made Here Portland’s website – there are many beautiful pieces made by local artists!

You can always include a gift card to a local café or bakery she loves. And for more ideas, check out Locally Sourced NW.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.