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6 Local Wedding Favor Ideas

A wedding favor is a small but super significant aspect of any such celebration. First of all, they’re a means of thanking your guests for spending their time (and money!) sharing in the joy of your union. But they have another, equally important function: serving as a memento of your big day. With that in mind, you’ll want to choose a favor that evokes the unique ‘feel’ of your wedding, something that can, for a moment, transport your friends and family back to that day when you said: “I do.” And what better way to do that than with something from the state your wedding took place in — Oregon?! There are so many amazing local wedding favor options, so we will be posting ideas periodically. Here are 5 to get you started! 

1. A slide tin of Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt

Can be purchased by the case; one case contains 15 tins; $35 per case.

wedding favor

2. A box of Moonstruck Chocolate Co. classic truffles

Includes one raspberry truffle and one Mayan truffle; $5 per box.

wedding favor

3. A jar of Oregon Hill marionberry jam

$2.25 per jar; 2 oz. each.

wedding favor


4. A tube of Portland Bee Balm mint lip balm

Can be purchased by the case; $47 per case of 20 tubes.

wedding favor

5. A mini sampler of Stash Tea Company assorted tea

One sampler contains 10 tea bags; $3.50 per sampler.

wedding favor


6. Freddy Guy Hazelnuts (featured image on this post). Check out their options here