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Making memories at the Photo Booth

Your wedding may be the highlight event of some of your guests’ year. That may add a little extra pressure to throw the best party of your lives. One of the things that is always a hit at any event is a photo booth!

Be silly with them

Remember that we’re all kids at heart, including the kids that may be attending your big day. It might not be possible to have quality time with each guest. When you get a chance, interact with a few groups at the photo booth. Dress up, be silly, make memories. Instant Adventure Photobooth and The Snap Bar are a couple local favorites that can help bring the fun!

Guest Photo book

This is also a great way to capture your guests and give them a chance to write a couple words to you as newlyweds. A guest book combined with the photo booth collects all the best of those impulsive creative moments spent together. For outdoor weddings, consider bringing in the essence of Portland with the Little Photo Bus.

Bring it out to the dance floor

In the specialty offering, there is an option to bring the interactions to the dance floor. One of our local favorites, Stumptown Photobooth has some incredible gadgets that will capture any moment even on the most crowded dance floor.

Featured Images by Hazelwood Photo.

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