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Minimalism: When less is more

It might seem counter intuitive to design a minimalist wedding. it may sound too modern for your event. The designers who are most successful, design this way without much effort. We’re not trying to the say that it needs to look bare or unfinished. Also- this isn’t necessarily a budget-saving approach. This is all about a precise design perspective that ultimately makes quite a statement.


Each piece selected for the table has both purpose and style. In this case, the traditional or ornate look wouldn’t quite fit. The modern style lines help this design take flight. We’ve seen some incredible simplistic additions like a half-moon utensil holder in lieu of a traditional napkin on the right side of the plating with a delicate tassel that shows unique attention to detail. Using depth of colors and textures with dishware also accentuates in a subtle way.


Potentially the floral statements around the room could mimic the minimalist approach or be central in the space as an art installation might. Floral designers can really take into account the concept and create around your visions. This is a very creative and exploratory portion of this type of wedding planning.

As with all planning, having an expert whether floral designer or wedding planner and stylist to guide your design and provide vendor resources is extremely helpful. Bring all your ideas and watch the genius of your collaboration with your trusted local vendors bring them to life!

Images used in this post by the talented Deyla Huss Photography.

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.