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Momentos of just you two

In leading up to the start of your life together, you’ve shared many moments. Some of these have been captured in photos, videos or boomerangs and others live on only in your memories. There will be albums of wedding photos and potentially a wedding video after your big day. How many couples truly embrace the engagement period and capture what brought them together?

Ask your photographer

Many, if not all, wedding photographers like the chance to get to know you during your engagement sessions. In this time, take advantage of highlighting and sharing things about you as a couple that will not only be fun to share with others on social media but that will remind you of all the details that bring you two together. A couple of our favorite locals are Lauryn Kay Photography and Hazelwood Photo.

Ask your videographer

While this might be something that most don’t expect, if you’d be interested in a behind the scenes/engagement video, maybe it’s a good idea to have this conversation. For some couples, it might be just what you need to get comfortable in front of a camera. A couple of our incredible local creatives we’d recommend reaching out to are NW Film Co. and Moving Pictures.

Be creative and enjoy the time before your big day as much as the event itself. Your journey to the alter is one you’ve been on since you first met. Capture the moments and cherish them!

Featured Images by Lady & Gent Photography.

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