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Wedding vs Elopement

Once the excitement and celebration of being newly engaged starts to settle down, every couple naturally begins to discuss what exactly they want their wedding day to look like. One of the first questions usually ends up being “How many people are we inviting?” Some couples have a tough time with that answer. While they each may have enough potential invitees to fill a stadium, they may not want to have a full blown gala event. Other couples can’t wait to bring the roof down! Consulting with a professional wedding planner, like Your Perfect Bridesmaid, can really help you evaluate the pros and cons of going big or keeping it super intimate. And there is no right answer. It totally depends on each couple and their vision, priorities, and circumstances.

A party never hurt nobody- Wedding

For those that can’t wait for THE event of their lives- let the party begin! A traditional wedding can take on many forms as well. In no way does this event path restrict your options. Whether 50 guests or 500- what’s most important here is that you desire to create an event where your community can come together and celebrate your love. From the venue to the DJ to the catering, each element adds a layer to your event. For most, the wedding is a full day event, if not multiple days of celebration or even with additional reception parties for and with friends/family in other states or countries. Planning a wedding, sometimes regardless of guest count (especially when considering over 150 people) requires significant financial investment. Not all traditional weddings end up happening a year or longer after engagement. But generally that time frame, seems to be an average among most couples. We advise that every couple thinks through a realistic timeline before choosing a date.

Just the lovebirds – Elopement

Elvis doesn’t have to be invited! Modern elopements are all about having an intimate event dedicated only to the happy couple. This option is becoming more popular. It allows the newly engaged couple to consider elements that they otherwise potentially wouldn’t be able to make a reality. Such as a ceremony on the coastal cliffs and an intimate dinner in a private room of their favorite seafood restaurant. The planning is no less involved but every decision hinges on whether you want to enjoy that or not. Budgets for elopements can vary. If you’re not looking at this option for those benefits – restrictions need not apply. There is some potential to stay budget conscious when planning for a considerably smaller guest count. Of course, Vegas and Elvis are still an option if the Vegas-style of eloping is what you’ve been dreaming of. Considering the timeline is usually what makes this option most appealing. Barring any requirements of vendors, availability or other plans you may have- you could get married as soon as you like!

Once you choose wedding or elopement, the planning will begin to unfold before your eyes. In some cases, it will flood in! A local and trusted wedding planner or coordinator is a great resource to research early on in your engagement. We can’t recommend enough involving a planner in your event process. Check out some of our trusted local favorite planners here:

We wish for all couples to look back with joy on every part of their engagement and wedding before starting their new journeys in life together!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.

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