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Post Wedding To-Do List

What do you do after your wedding? You planned, you chose a venue, you tasted menus, you booked vendors, you shopped, you altered – then the day came, you said “I do,” and celebrated with your loved ones and danced the night away. Congratulations! You pulled off your wedding! It’s tempting to sit back and relax now, and you should for a bit – enjoy that well-earned honeymoon! However, there are still some things left to take care of when your wedding is over that are time sensitive. 

Here is your Post Wedding To-Do List:

1.    Make sure all your vendors are paid and all your rentals are returned.
2.    Write thank you notes for your guests expressing your gratitude for their gifts and attendance. Send these out within 3 months of your wedding.
3.    Close out your gift registry.
4.    Return or exchange any unwanted wedding gifts before the return policy allows. 
5.    Leave helpful online reviews and testimonials for your vendors. The sooner the better, while everything is fresh in your mind!
6.    Get your wedding dress professionally cleaned, then find a place to either store it, donate it or sell it. 
7.    Patiently wait for your wedding photos to come through from your photographer, then create a physical photo album – trust us, you’ll want actual photos and not just a digital copy. You may also want to order more images to frame for your home and/or share with family!
8.    Take down your wedding website. 
9.    Freeze the top layer of your wedding cake if you’re saving it to eat on your 1st Anniversary.
10.  If you are saving your bridal bouquet, have the flowers pressed and framed. 
11.  Get your affairs in order for the rest of your life together! Obtain your marriage license from your officiant as soon as possible, as you’ll need it for the name-changing process, tax filing, joint bank accounts, health insurance, and more. Make sure to also tell your employer that your marital status has changed, as they will likely need to update some documents as well. 
12.  And lastly, relax! It’s been a long time coming to get to where you are. Once all the final wedding tasks are over, simply enjoy being married to the love of your life. 

All images used in this post by Lauryn Kay Photography. 

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.