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Pre-Wedding R&R

Planning your wedding starts from the moment you say yes! This is the greatest moment in both of your lives. The time you spend celebrating your engagement flies by so quickly and before you know it- you’re both talking budgets and pulling out calendars and shuffling through your contact lists. Some weddings are less stressful than others, and your experience will depend on a lot of variables. But what all weddings have in common is that special moment of saying your vows and embarking on your forever journey together. The first part of that journey is your Honeymoon- the trip that all newlyweds covet, wait for and look forward to as they progress through all the ups & downs of their planning. What if you didn’t wait?

The planning hustle

While some part of planning will inevitably be stressful and bring about some tensions, let’s not forget you are planning this ceremony & celebration to have fun together with your loved ones as you begin the rest of your lives together. Doesn’t that mean that the year (give or take) engagement period should be a party too? We would like to recommend that couples embrace the idea of relaxation, restoration, further exploration of who you are as a couple and most importantly what makes you enjoy spending time together. We would like to name this period before the wedding, the “Joymoon.”

Deyla Huss Photography

Joymoon vs Honeymoon

One does not replace the other. For those of you not planning a Honeymoon or delaying one, this idea is even more important for you. The Honeymoon will take significant planning and allocating financial resources. The Joymoon on the other hand can be any period of time before the wedding when activities are planned for one another, dedicated time set for date nights or even relaxing self-care time together. Obviously, a Joymoon could be anything a couple may want it to be- a concert palooza, hiking bucket list, your very own dining month, etc. The creativity and spontaneity is what makes a Joymoon unique to each couple.

The Big Q’s: How do we do this? Where to start? Can we afford it?

These are very important questions and we’re sure there are even more that would come to mind when trying to decide if this is really something to consider. The “how” is answered simply by any way you want. Set a time frame when the Joymoon will begin for you and set down some criteria – what can surprise your Fianc√©(e) and make it more fun? In terms of finances- it’s always helpful to set an ancillary budget based on what you may normally spend in that same time frame. Depending on your creativity or what level of Joymoon you’re wanting, your budget will have to match it. There are ways to do this without spending a single dollar more. Such as finding recipes for a cooking series, planning a mid-day picnic lunch date, giving each other spa retreats at home, and many more.

Back to Dating 101

We know it sounds like you’re dating again but maybe that’s the point. Don’t forget as the reality of the planning process gets more real, it’s still important to show one another you are having fun together. Bringing in a little extra Joy into the last stretch before the Big Day will be a breath of fresh air for you both. Even if you try something like this and it turns out not to work exactly how you thought we meant, that’s ok.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

George Sand

If you’ve only just proposed or started your engagement or even are a week to a few days before the wedding, take our advice and give a little extra love back to each other. Happy Joymooning!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.