Tips and Advice

Put on your dancing shoes!

How many couples prepare for their first dance? This isn’t meant to be a “tsk tsk tsk” type of question. Realistically, it’s common that when most people think of dance lessons they visualize the Arthur Murray logo.

Don’t be afraid to learn!

Dance experience not required. If you’re a couple that would like nothing more than to waltz around the dance floor together but feel like you don’t know your right from your left when dancing together- we say what you’re missing is guidance and instruction to match your desire to perform. The first dance can be daunting but the key is confidence and the willingness to learn. Send out a flare to The Mating Dance Maker.

Find your own style

Maybe you spend plenty of time grooving together. This shouldn’t end up like the scene from Bride Wars- but definitely have fun and enjoy finding the right dance to show you off as a couple. For those couples taking it up a notch, play with the idea of the Samba or other Latin ballroom styles. When looking to perfect your couple style, we recommend reaching out to The Wedding Choreographer.

Don’t forget to consider a little extra help for the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances. A little choreography by PDX Flash mob might be just what’s needed!

Featured Images by D.Selbak Photography.