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Questions to Ask a Photographer Before you Book.

Photo Credit: Katy Weaver

Your wedding photographer is really the keeper of your memories. For many couples, their wedding day is a blur of emotion. It is through your pictures that you will be able to re-live the happy day. Because of that, you want to be sure to pick the best photographer for you. Here are a few questions to help you narrow down the list.

1. Have you shot at my venue? What did you love? What was challenging?

2. Do you bring a second shooter? Is that an optional add on?

3. Are your packages flexible? Can we work to create a customized package?

4.What is your turn around time? When can I expect my images?

5. Do you work from a shot list? Am I able to request a specific shot/pose?

6. Will you put together a photography timeline of the day to ensure everything we discussed is captured?

7. Should a tree fall on your head (or you are not able to shoot the wedding last minute), what is your back up plan?

8. What is your refund policy should you not be able to shoot my wedding or should the wedding be cancelled or postponed?

9. Approximately how many images should I expect to receive?

10. How much post production editing do you guys do?

11. What is a “perfect” wedding for you to shoot?

12. What can I do to ensure we have amazing pictures?

13. How do you coordinate with videographers and make sure neither of you are in each other’s shots?

14. If we run late on time, and need to extend your hours day of, is that possible? What are the costs associated with doing so?

15. Do you provide your own lighting equipment?

16. Would you like a meal provided for you? Any notes or dietary restrictions on that meal?

17.Do you need to take any additional breaks that should be factored into the timeline?

18. Is there an extra cost to go to additional locations on the day?

19.Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors?

20.Is there an extra cost to receive my images on a flash drive? Am I able to receive all the images?

Just remember, you are making a significant investment. Take the time to ensure your are investing in the right company.

Hope this helps!