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Questions to Ask Caterers

More than likely, your catering bill will be the largest expense on your wedding day. Given the investment, and the importance of great food, drink and service, we want to help you ensure you find the perfect caterer for your wedding.

Here are a few questions to ask to help you decide which caterer will be the perfect fit!

1. Are you a licensed and insured caterer and will you be able to provide proof of that to my venue?

2. How would you describe your food style?

3. How many weddings have you catered? How long have you been in business?

4. Would you say your strength is your food or your service?

5. What is average size of the events you cater?

6. How many weddings/events do you typically do in one day?

7. What is your policy on providing a tasting before we book?

8. Have you catered at our venue before? Any challenges/hurdles we should be aware of? How many hours before our ceremony starts do you like to arrive?

9. Are there additional charges for table and chair set up?

10. Are there additional charges for removing trash/recycling?

11. Are there additional charges for setting the table?

12.Do you provide staff for busing the tables?

13.How many service staff do you think I need for my guest count at my venue?

14.Do you have licensed bartenders to serve alcohol at our wedding? Are we able to provide alcohol for you to serve? If so, is there a corkage fee?

15. Should I have a second bar with my guest count? Any additional charges for that?

16. Will your staff cut, plate, and serve our wedding cake? Any additional fees for that?

17. If there is left over food, are we able to take that home?

18. What are the most popular items on your menu?

19. Will your staff light the candles on the tables?

20. What are your service fees?

21.Are there any taxes that will be on my bill?

22. Any tips for lowering my catering costs?

Who do we recommend? Take a look at some of our favorite local caterers here:

Images featured on this post courtesy of Devil’s Food Catering.