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Wedding DJ: What to ask before you hire!

Choosing your wedding DJ is a very important decision, and we want to help you find the best one for you, and your unique wedding vision. Wedding DJ’s play a huge role in the success of the day as they not only keep the dance floor rocking, but as your emcee they also help guide your guests through the various events of the day.  While there are many folks who dabble in this industry, trust us when we say you want a pro. To help weed through the amateurs, we have created a list of questions you should ask to ensure you end up with a pro who keeps the dance floor packed all night long!

Another resource to check out as you search for your Wedding DJ and other local vendors for your wedding is our budget guide. This guide will help you determine the average cost of professional vendors in the Portland area.

Now for the questions:

1. Have you worked at our venue before? Any pros/cons we should consider?

2. How do you work with us to craft a play list?

3. Are you comfortable making announcements and being the emcee for the evening?

4. How would you describe your Wedding DJ style?

5. Do you have lapel mics for the ceremony and wireless mics for the toasts?

Wedding DJ
Photo Credit: Bryan Rupp Photography


6. What are your current favorite dance songs?

7. Should a tree fall on your head and you are unable to DJ our wedding, what is your back up plan?

8. If your equipment suffers a malfunction, do you have back up gear?

9. Do you take requests day-of?

10. How familiar are you with our preferred music styles( country, top 40, oldies etc)?

11. Are there going to be additional set up charges (because the venue doesn’t have an elevator)? Or are there additional charges for multiple set up’s. (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception)?

12. Do you have enough gear to allow for multiple set ups and smooth transitions between them?

13.Do you need breaks that we need to schedule?

14.Do you need a meal? Any food restrictions?

Wedding DJ
Photo Credit: Bryan Rupp Photography


15.What was your least favorite wedding and what made it so?

16. If we run late and need to extend your time day-of, is that a possibility? What is the charge per additional hour?

17. What does your set up entail? Do you provide lighting etc?

18. Do you need a table/linen or do you provide your own? If you do need tables/linens, what size tables do you need?

19. If we want live music for our ceremony (like a guitarist or singer) but then want to transition to a DJ for the reception, can you provide both or recommend some live musicians you have worked with before?

20. What else should we know?

Main photo credit for this blog post: Bryan Rupp Photography